Lianna Talent Grid

I just maxed Lianna… What path should I take?

Just for info, my others maxed Rangers are:


I don’t have Lianna maxed yet… 4-43 and climbing. When she hits max, I intend to choose any path down the talent grid that has a “sword” on it. :wink:

By way of explanation: Lianna’s base stats are very balanced (similar to Caedmon), and since her primary reason for existence is to shoot big holes in the other team, my plan is to make her even better at that job.

Some may prefer a more balanced approach, to keep her already-well-balanced stats in a nice, even, steady progression so that she will attack better and have more defense and health to survive longer. Not me! I’m going to see what the biggest enemy I can one-shot with her, and enjoy every second of it! :smiley:

Good gaming!


I have Lianna on my defense team. She is my only maxed green 5*. The first 5* I ever got, actually. I love her. Her purpose is to hit hard. Her ranger class helps with that(nothing like bypassing riposte!). I went the high attack route. Her defense and health are high enough to survive, so I dedicated my emblems to make her better at what she does best; hitting fast and hard.


Atack 200000000 chars

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