Lianna Power Levelling

Hi guys…

My current line up for my main team is as follows :

Its quite lacking because there’s no 4* Heroes for Holy Element where as the Green 4* I have, Little John… is extremely squishy. Of 6 raids I’m doing with him… he is the first one to die in 5 of them without even filling his mana for his special.

But regardless I no longer focus on ascending 4* heroes even though now I have quite a number of them. The only 4* I’m ascending (with the objective of having him reach 3* 3.70) is Proteus.

However about a few days ago I managed to collect enough gems for another 10x pulls but this time instead of Atlantis… I used it on elemental pull for Nature / Green element. Reason for this is because I’m looking to replace Rigard from the Dark Element as my current healer because I want to put in Proteus instead.

I’m looking for a healer to be honest (Melendor or Belith to be precise), but instead of getting one I ended up with Caedmon, Lianna, Kashrek and Kadilen. Did managed to get 2x Belith but the rest of the 4* and 5* overshadowed her.

My conflict now is, instead of replacing Rigard of Proteus, I decided to change my focus to replacing Little John with Lianna.



  1. I’ve heard of a leveling strategy most referred as Power Leveling, where instead of putting 1* / 2* same color to a hero, you put in everything to a single hero regardless of elements / colors.

I’m planning to do this with Lianna and have her ascend to 3.70 as fast as possible (the only thing preventing this from happening now is a single Study Shield. But I’m gonna be positive and hope it will come by in the coming days).

Now what I’m worried about is the Special Skills.

If I am leveling Lianna using every single element there is, won’t it means that she might have her Special stuck around 3/8 or something like that?

Upgrading her to 4.80 seems to be impossible now due to the need for Mysterious Tonic which I am severely lacking plus if I ascend Lianna to 3 ascension then my Sturdy Shield will all be used up as well leaving me none.

What are your thoughts?

Or perhaps I might even fare better if I just focus on Caedmon or Kashrek instead.

  1. This is my current heroes that I have…

If I’m planning for an efficient Raid Attack team, who should I focus on?

Any suggestions on my line up?

To me you need a dispeller as Caedmon and you should absolutely level Wu Kong :slight_smile:

Id wait to level 5* heroes in the first phases of the game, try to level as many different heroes you can and try to get every ascension items you could (Proteus could help in that regard).


First priority is being able to do all the rare quests. You look already there. I’d on-color level more heroes to level 60 so you can stack well. Like @FraVit93 says Caedmon and WuKong are quite useful. I’d also look at what classes you are weak in and prioritize beefing those up as you go along.

There’s no hurry to get any hero to level 70. For raid tournaments, it’s to your advantage to avoid leveling heroes beyond 60 until you have a compelling reason. That reason could be the ability to progress further in a seasonal event or to complete legendary in a monthly.

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Defense line up from left to right, in order:
Caedmon Gormek Boril Rigard WuKong.
Caedmon over Kashrek because you already have a good tank in Boril.
Max them all out. Don’t level Lianna until you have the mats.
If you pull Li Xiu, sub her if for WuKong, after you max her.

This helps you because:

  1. They are all useful heroes anyway.
  2. A maxed 4* hero is stronger than 3rd tier 5* hero.

Link below for reading.

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Looks like everyone here have roughly the same idea… that is to level up my 4* first, specifically Caedmon before I go further with Lianna.

Thanks for the recommendation guys.

And thanks Inigo… that is a good read.

As for Wu Kong, I actually just got him today through 10x pull elemental summon. And been reading through this forum since I started playing I know how precious he is, so I straight away feed him every Yellows I got. And fast forward 12 hours later is he is in second ascension at level 2.

Hahahhaa… but the rest of the 10x pulls is literally Bane and Kailani… if it weren’t for Wu Kong I’d have gone crazy looking at the Banes…

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