Lianna or Morgan Le Fay?


Who is better?

For raids?
For defence team?
For Titans?
For events?


i’d guess raid and defense would be morgan, titan and event would be lianna.


Lianna, in every way Lianna


Morgan will be stronger on raid defense, but for every other use I’d prefer Lianna. Morgan doesn’t benefit from attack buff or defense debuffs, so she’s not going to help much against bug titans.


You want instant in time damage on defense typically. I don’t see Morgan being stronger in any content over Lianna.

Lianna / Alby > Morgan > rest in my opinion anyway.


I was giving Morgan credit on defense for her anti-fire buff.


i’d rather have lianna or albi than morgan for any role. that said if you don’t have either of those, ascend morgan and don’t look back. she’s much bette than most of th green poo poo platter.


Lianna definitely has the advantage of upfront damage. Dead foes cat no spells.


Ah, I don’t add much for that TBH: it would be a bit silly to run Morgan as tank (wrong stats) and therefore red tile damage isn’t likely to be much of a critical thing and the only attacker special she really defends against with that is Marjana (or Scarlett/Keille but they aren’t popular picks) so I don’t see tremendous value out of it.

As Dante says she’s better than the rest of the green 5* wasteland, but as I suggested on beta: third best green is akin to best ice hockey player in Ecuador.


Morgan bikini can’t pair Lianna strenght.
I’m sorry :face_with_monocle:


Well, yes and no. DoT is huge. Witness how many people admit they avoid teams that have Colen.


Colen hits all, this is why some people says he sucks as if he hits he does enough damage to potentially wipe your team (talking level 70’s) between that and slashes. AE’s really are tailor made for defense in general.

Morgan hits one, and isn’t that much damage either.

Totally different scenario TBH :slight_smile:

Put simply if you invest a ton in Morgan hey great, she’s a pretty good hero… but on defense she’s just not fantastic if you have better options: Lianna is one such better option, and Alby is another.


What’s more, Morgan have only DoT and not a first hit, and vanish when she die.

I dont think even if she succeed to shoot a special that someone is kind enough to let her be alive 3-4 turns.


Jeez, few days ago I attacked a team of a healer + 4 AoE heroes. I could not chew through that. Something always went off, and when it went off, I went down…


Yeah, I’m hoping we see more of a trend towards that; the new mana acceleration heroes are starting to make the slow AE heroes more viable.

Will be interesting to see how that plays out in the long term though I don’t see slow AE’s ever becoming a thing on raid attack so it will probably be another year before we really see that as people can’t afford to spend 4* ascension items to see how it really works at 80.


I’d say. I have defeated teams with Lianna Sartana Marjana Ares and whatever else on the side (usually Athena/Musashi) before, but give me Azlar, Quintus, Isarnia, Vivica and whatever (together, I can focus 1 of them and get rid of it in time) and I’m certain to go splat flat.

I’m all for it. I think single target hitters should not be the best at everything.


The key to Morgan is she not only takes the HP away but they go to her…

So i can see defensive strategies where she makes more sense (assuming both fully leveled).

On offense, Lianna is superior and it isnt even close.


Actually Morgan is much better on attack than defense where you can use the cast strategically vs. the AI which isn’t very smart frankly.

Having faced both 80 Lianna’s on live and plenty of 80 Morgan’s on beta… Morgan simply isn’t comparable on defense: none of the self healing skills are worth what they give up in damage for them from a game mechanics perspective.


I disagree here. The largest problem with the higher star titans is keeping your team alive and Morgana stays alive quite well. In a titan attack the tile strength of your Hero is much more important than the special attack strength overall as long as you have defense reduction and attack boost going. I think Morgana is better for Titans than Lianna in that Regard.


Sorry to dig up this old post.
What about Gregorion vs. Morgan?
Gregorion is better to fully ascend, right?