Lianna or Lianna Costume for Defense?

Hey all, my first post. I just maxed and am about to emblem Lianna and her costume. Which one should I use for war and raid defense?

I have 6 maxed 5 stars and about 25 at 3-70. I had been playing with telluria flanked by ursena and vela, wings are marjana and poseidon. I was planning on pulling marjana. As lianna with costume will be my most powered up hero. They are all emblemed to 7 and lianna will be too. Am I thinking in the right direction? Thanks for any thoughts…

I believe your lianna is on a wing?

In this case I would go with the basic lianna. Indeed you don’t need the mana reduction as a wing plus it can be cleanse. In the other hand basic lianna does a tone of damage and she can almost one shot any attackers hero which have received some slashes attacks or AoE specials.

Furthermore I’m not sure the cleric class is really helpful for her whereas archer class feats her well to bypass defensive buffs or reflects.

Thank you. Thats what I was thinking just wasnt sure if the costume was known to better in defense. What you said makes sense. And yes shes on the wing.

Also alasie is next up to be maxed. 1 blade away. Shes a ranger too. I figured embleming lianna wld be better with the costume bonus?

Standard and costume Lianna are both great, but unless she will have significantly more emblems than Marjana I don’t see either as an improvement for your defense. Lianna packs a better flat punch than Marjana, of course, but rogue is a better class on the wing than either ranger or cleric, and having a second DOT hero alongside Vela will be nice. You have a really nice rainbow defense and Lianna doesn’t bring enough definite improvement over Marjana to give that up.

Thank you. Yeah i like my rainbow team. Just unsure.

I would second what phoshop said and keep marjana in your defense for now. Having Telly and Lianna would force a red stack even more so than telly by herself. Having a rainbow D is still a good recommendation.

Thx @Seef824 Emblem lianna or alasie? What you think? May change my strategy if im not using lianna in defense

And you guys think marjana over jf in the corner?

I am not sure how to emblem them because I do not have Alasie myself. I like to follow this guide for emblems if I am unsure:

It has Alasie as the second best ranger and Lianna as the 7th (there are probably other opinions if you want to read through the whole convo)

A JF-Telly-Vela combo in the middle is a very good combo right now. It certainly forces a different strategy when attacking. I am not the best at setting up Defenses, but do know that one is tough to beat.

I have found that costume bonus(bump) on the original side often is better that running the costume unless the costume changes a debuffer to cleaner like Sonya. So the 5,5,10,5% bumps make a big difference. It take Vivi for a slow healer to a tank.

I thought that was is all point, forcing the red stacks to have vela crush them all.

If you are not using her on defence then Alasie or even a 4* star (if you don’t have a deep bench) may be a better choice.

I have lianna without her costume and I’m fine with her having 0 emblem (all are on Seshat).

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I am not saying Telluria doesnt force a red stack to some degree. With Grazhul and Zim, Vela can be neutralized a little bit, but that is a little harder to manage. I think right now the best combo for center of D is JF-Tell-Vela. Throw in a purple and yellow sniper and you have a real tough squad. I am not great at setting up a defense though, so I could see some value in replacing Vela with Alasie if the OP wanted.

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