Lianna or Lady Locke

I was all set to ascend my Lady Locke (HA10 for the win) when HA10 gave me my 2nd Lianna (for whom I have a costume).

I only recently got my first Lianna and at +13, w/costume and paired with Eve she is an absolute monster… I mean crazy damage.

I think a 2nd Lianna would be amazing since I also have an Almur+18 to pair with her on a 2nd team. Unfortunately Lianna#2 would only get the costume boost for a while since Lianna#1 is still only at +13.

On the other hand, I can take Locke to pretty much 20 since I have no other Sorcerers to compete with her.

I feel like Locke should be the easy choice but man, Lianna firing after a green def down is lethal. And I’ve always favored fast heroes.


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Do you have a green cleanser?

Locke would give you another skill to work with

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Only other green cleanser is C-Caedmon, which coincidentally also happens to be on that green team with Almur.

Unique hero over dupe


+20 Lady Locke is no joke. The cleanse is very handy in the current meta and while the damage is a little slower being back loaded it’s over 1k damage each to 3 heroes. The card wont show it when you look at it normally but your troops will increase the damage. It will show up if you check the hero in a level. Mine currently does 1151 damage to 3 heroes.


I personally LOVE Lady Locke!!

Her DoT is amazing (first and foremost) but then her cleanse is soooo clutch.

I personally would (and have) gone Lady Locke over second Lianna.


And her attack stats are great for Titans… LL that is :slight_smile: love her.


Personally, I would choose Lady Locke for variety and because her overall skillset is very useful.

I recently got her to +20 and have her paired with a lv 17 mana troop and the 9 tile charge is helpful.

What I really like is that I can target a whole side of the enemy’s defense with her and watch them melt away while I focus the rest of my attacks on the other side. She works especially well paired with Gravemaker to double up on the DOT and an offensive cleanser is very useful (especially in Bloody Battles).


Uncostumed lianna gets pretty damn close though… just checked stats. I’d still go Locke. Cleanse is nice, and needed often… drain on three has saved my tush!


One of my favorites…

Locke if you can spare a few emblems - high tile damage and cleanse vs boom stick

She stacks really well with Proteus or any other AoE to turn off the lights …and it’s a lot easier to play emblem Jenga with a sorcerer.

She needs emblems. She’s squishier than Leonardo D’Caprio hitting the beach …

If you have C Caedmon — you can skip her for a better immediate need… but def. prioritize her.

Blondes hate me — Liliana is no different; her playing hard to get is mean girl mastery at this point…(although Evelyn is still queen of the Heathers). (Played with her extensively on alt account.)

she’s got longevity and damage but a lot more crowded class; and i only really missed her as long as I didn’t have the other s1 snipers.
Lockes nuance just makes her more useful in more areas… she’s very flexible.

Lastly — good green dots aren’t easy to get and they do stack with other elements…

Bonus: She looks like Tina Fey

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+20 today was a hair shy of 1500 on the card; she destroyed me almost single handedly

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