Lianna is too powerful in raids

WHAT THE! 512% DAMAGE TO TARGET?! ONE SHOT KILL! Nerf Lianna’s damage to 450%!!

You obviously haven’t met GM or Kage or Seshat yet.

Yes, Lianna hits HARD. But that’s ALL she does. She’s not unbeatable. Others are much more difficult to deal with because of their secondary effects. Nerfing her would alienate a HUGE chunk of F2P players that use her regularly.


Lianna isn’t too powerful, you need to get stronger.


True, Lianna doesnt one shot a full 5* with mid troops, 4s shouldnt be taken against her or any 5 for that matter that are fast attackers. She also has only one skill, whilst others have more than one, which is why she has such a high attack stat.

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She is also one of the few top 5* heroes available to ALL without having to summon your butt off.


Just comparing the % is useless, you need to be comparing % * Att stat.

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Wait for the October HOTM :slight_smile:

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Kingston is the october hotm

GOAT, fastgoat and me now, fastergoat :joy: Yeah, and Kingston is much better than that girl who scared you so much…

And make her dispel her target before dealing damage wich would be lowered to 225% on targets under 50% HP… deal? Plus very fast special :slight_smile:


I love my three Lianna. Sometimes all three go on a team just for badness :rofl:


She’s the strongest sniper in the game. But that’s all she is: no secondary effect, no debuff, no dispel, no cleanse… nothing :slight_smile:

She’s fine the way she is. An awesome hero (one of the best in the game imo), but absolutely needs that massive damage to compensate for not having anything else.


Lianna hits can be 1000 damage or even 1200

yes indeed, she can easily kill the target of your choosing. :slight_smile: particularly when paired with Evelyn for e.g., she’s taking out a target for sure.

But again, that’s all she does. She’s particularly vulnerable to attack debuffers, who can make her damage lower and significantly easier to take her hit. And if she doesn’t kill her target… she’s effectively done nothing helpful for her team.

Although the Ranger class somewhat mitigates this, it’s also possible to tank her damage by buffing yourself with defense buffs, or a counter-attack buff. She may still bypass the buff, but if she doesn’t again, she’ll have failed at her job (or if she hits a counter-attack, she’ll likely suicide)


Well, you will get part of your wish with costumes. Her power does get cut to the upper 400% range but she gets a secondary skill. Carfeul what you wish for.
Also, she is powerful but as someone said, she is available for free. That is actually how I got her. TC20. 14 of my 16 5* are from TC20. And they are mostly good ones. Lianna came out of my last batch and I leveled her as fast as I could. Now if Sartana and Marjana would show up…
And while she does hit hard it can be survived. A 4* will likely not get through and if they do there will be very little health left. A 5* without emblems would fare better and the ones I go with in diamond raids have emblems at +7 and she cuts about half if they have nothing up but if Magni puts up a shield or similar it is not bad at all. Now, if you want to talk about Ursena being OP I am right there. She is insane going off with that full attack. But I will try to get stronger.

Why not list who you are going against her with and we might see what the problem is. There was a time when I dreaded seeing LJ or Kashrek in a war but now I don’t even bother with them as I look for bigger targets in war. And LJ used to wipe out my team of 3* but if he hits 5* its not bad at all.


I agree she’s only a sniper but I’m addicted to my snipers. Lianna, Sartana, Marjana, etc

Every time I set up my raid team I say “should I take someone else?”

The answer is usually “nah, let’s get this done quickly” :joy:


If Lianna is too powerful… wait till you see Kingston next month.
If… Lianna is too powerful then Kingston is probably a god level.

Luckily… Lianna is available to everyone with TC 20 + some luck unlike other god level heroes where you have to summon and summon until either your got them or your wallet is broken.


Here is an idea

*The caster hits target for 256٪ damage
*The caster and nearby allies have from +20% to +90% chance of dodging special attacks that do damage. The higher the damage from the special is, the higher the chance to dodge it. Each dodge gives a moderate amount of mana to the target. Effect lasts for 3 turns.
*Element Link gives all Nature allies +46% defense against Fire for 4 turns. This effect can’t be dispelled.

I really doubt that any established player re-rolls because of Lianna…


Everyone should feed her to Gormek. Problem solved