Lianna, Gadeirus, Gobbler, or somebody else to get my next shields

My green bench is pretty full:
Maxed: Gregorion, Jack O’Hare, Caedmon, Melendor, and Tarlak will be finished soon.

I’m out of tonics … and I really want to get Evelyn (December HOTM) and they are kinda reserved unless I get incredibly lucky with Christmas heroes instead! Either way, I’m looking at finishing a green 4* hero OR taking a green 5* hero to 3/70 and probably leaving them there a LONG time. Here are my (too many!) choices:

  • Lianna (yes, leaving her at 3/70; I’d be certain if I could finish her)
  • Another Caedmon – Probably just for war; I’m not clear whether he is better than Lianna at 3/70 or not.
  • Gadeirus – Probably just as an attack buffer for my blue titan team instead of Kiril, and war filler in green.
  • Kadilen – Her defense against specials is pretty nice, and has worked out well in raids and war attacks upon occasion.
  • Gobbler – Except that I’ve not needed him, and raiding teams with either Delilah or Red Hood don’t trouble me, and the minion producing Christmas heroes won’t be out there for quite a while yet.
  • Another Melendor – Just for war.
  • If you can, make a case for Skittles, Little John, Elkanen (at 3/70), or Kash. (I’ve been using Gravemaker or Delilah as tank in my defense; I don’t think Kash is an upgrade)
  • Please DON’T tell me how useful Hansel or Cabin Boy Peters would be; I don’t have either! :sob:

(Edit: I was confused; I’ve got three darts and I’m fresh out of tonics…so any green 5* is months from final ascension! And I’ve got 11 shields, and I really shouldn’t need to save any of them for my next green 5* I’m going to max given how many I’ll get while waiting on tonics, so I can do another green right after the one I choose!)

for AW: Kashrek and LJ.

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Uhm, don’t see Kash as an upgrade to my war defense. (Drake, Gravemaker, Delilah, Greg, Alasie) Are you suggesting he is effective in war attacks?

yes, for AW attacks, both LJ and Kash are useful.

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Assuming that, other than tonics, you’re not short on any relevant mats …

Lianna. Your current green bench will cover you short-term; Lianna at 3/70 may or may not be optimal; I wouldn’t know; but you’ll bring her to 4/80 eventually. Might as well get started. :slight_smile:

For AW, Caedmon, Melendor, Skittles, and LJ might be useful options, but unless you run into colour-coordinated blue tank AW defences, you already have plenty.

EDIT: Yeah, I often use Kashhrek in AW attacks. Most of the time for lack of other options …

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Lianna - At 3/70 with max special, she’ll still be able to pack a punch
Melendor - Can never have enough healers, especially for AW

Gadeirus, Caedmon, LJ, can follow after if you have the mats

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I would go with gaderius. While not a fantastic hero green is really light on damage buffers for titans. Would help get tarlak close to max and add a little survivability to the titan team. I don’t think any other hero listed brings much of anything to your team’s.


Now that’s a really good point, which I missed completely first time I replied here. Slow mana, he only buffs three, and his special damage is slim, but he would still be worth it for titans, I bet.

Absolutely a contender.

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I’d go with LJ as my first choice, Gadeirus as a second. LJ is insanely useful during events.

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A fully leveled Caed is better than a Lianna at 3/70. Having been there I can say I left her at home on most raids, unless I was stacking green.

I think LJ is under appreciated. Yeah, slow mana speed, but he slows down all enemy mana generation for 3 turns and has a reasonable hit. For AW a good choice.


I like variety so I vote for someone new, so no 2nd Caed or Melendor quite yet (but eventually)

& Lianna shouldn’t go to 70 unless she’s next on your list to go to 80- and from the sounds of it you plan on saving your tonics for either Evelyn or a Christmas hero, so I’d wait to ascend her til either you’re sure you wanna take her to 80 soon, or you run out of good green 4* to ascend. (Same applies to Kadilen and Elkanen, but they’re definitely after Lianna)

Gobbler might be useful for the Christmas heroes, but if you’re not currently struggling with minions, I wouldn’t worry about ascending him right now.

Gadeirus could be helpful depending on the rest of your bench, especially if you’re lacking buffers. The slow makes him less appealing, but the buff and HOT might find use.

I love LJ for war since he puts the hurt on everyone and their mana generation, so if you want a more offensive green I’d go him. Especially over Skittle.

Kashhrek possibly, although I think I’d rather do Little John before him too

If you don’t feel confident about Kash, Gadeirus, or LJ and you’re not one for variety- then I’d do another Melendor (if you’re lacking 6-12 healers) or Caedmon (if you’re lacking dispellers or fast mana hitters), but I still prefer something different over a decent dupe.


Tell me more. I kinda see events in team development phases:

  1. Struggling to complete the event.
  2. Easily completing the event with some battle items, finishing better than bottom tier. This is where I am, pretty easily.
  3. (A) Completing even the 3 boss stage without battle items.
  4. (B) Competing for top 100 or better (appears to use a lot of WE looking for a lucky board and a lot of battle items finishing it, often with a monochrome team)

Do you see LJ as part of a competitive team? Or as a great hero for finishing bosses off in less competitive runs, both, or are you thinking of it in other ways?

I agree, and I still haven’t given a pair of gloves to a dupe … but honestly, I’m usually wishing I had leveled a second Caed instead of Jack … If the only thing I do with a hero is use him in my last war attack wishing he was a dupe instead … well … don’t care to repeat that.

If i leveled him up, would end up using him in AW. Pretty sure I’d be wishing he was a second Melendor when I did tho. (I have over six healers already, probably have 12 that I could level up)

Most of my raiding is 3/2, so I’d have to want to use him over two of Tarlak, Greg, Caed, or Mel, my usual green raiders. (I try to use / like Jack, but he just doesn’t do it for me; Kadilen used to get some use at 2/60 and I liked her better)

Unless I am wanting Gobbler for minion control, I’m skeptical that any of my choices would make a raid team (at least at 3/70)

It sounds like you have an idea of what you’re looking for, and if that’s true then I’d go for it. You know your roster better than I, so you know who you need or would rather use than I do. I prefer having different heroes, especially for war, but it seems you’d prefer a second Caedmon over LJ so I’d do that. If you wanted to try someone new, that’s why LJ was suggested. If you want dupe of someone you trust to do the job you want, then I’d level a dupe.

Mainly finishing the stages with 2-3 bosses in less competitive runs (though he might also be a good choice for a competitive run of the Avalon event too). Combined with Chao and a super mana potion every 3 turns, you can make it so that even Stage 10 Legendary can be completed without any of the bosses using a special.

That strategy will of course fall apart when the new green-reflect event shows up, but it works for all the rest. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve never played with LJ, so I don’t know what to expect. (My experience with Jahangir soured me on slow mana hit-all heroes early, and I suspect that powerful 4* or 5* heroes in this class are better.

What I’m hoping for out of LJ would be finding a war opponent and thinking “I’d rather use LJ than Caed on this one.”

Or a place on my blue titan team.

Or a role like that on an event team.

LJ is great for slowing mana gen so I like using him for war during cleanup, plus he has a super high attack stat for a 4* so great for stacking. He’s not for everyone because he is slow, but I don’t mind it because the pay-off is good enough to me.

If you prefer fasts, Caedmon might be more beneficial to you. Plus, it’s always nice to have several dispellers at your disposal [for war]. If you were lacking in the heal department is when I’d go 2nd Melendor.

Now, if you don’t feel like you want to ascend any of your options, I would wait and hold onto the shields for someone you are sure about. Or else test out the heroes you’re considering on a titan battle or during war and see if they feel like the right fit.

Gadeirus is a very good hero against Blue Titans. Here is a discussion about Wu an d color specific titans. Gadeirus is thrown into the mix in the second reply.

So my vote is for Gadeirus

Lol I’d honestly go for gobbler

With the new Christmas heroes coming up all of them summon minions so you might wanna have him

I’m probably gonna max him next

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