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Hi everybody.
After playing for about 2 years I got my first 5 star ranger Lianna (green), the only class I missed in the 5* range. Happy. I have her at 3.70 now. But in the last few months I received Frigg (rogue green) and Bai Yeong (ranger yellow).
I’ve got 6 tonics and 665 ranger emblems.
What to do now?

Unless you really need a sniper (Lianna), Frigg is the best of those 3.


Imo, max Lianna first and give her ranger emblems. Lianna will be useful in almost every aspect of the game (defense team, war, raids, tournaments, events, PvE, etc). Level up Bai Yeong as well since he’s a decent 5* yellow (depending on the rest of your roster) but don’t give him emblems. Lianna is more deserving of emblems imo b/c increasing her snipe damage is more important than increasing survivability of a utility hero like Bai Yeong.

Level up Frigg accordingly once you get another 6 tonics. The only instance where I would level up Frigg before Lianna is if your alliance runs green tanks and you don’t have a better green tank. Frigg can do decent as tank.

Ultimately, both Lianna and Frigg are top tier heroes and deserve tonics, but I would go with Lianna first without more info as to the rest of your roster.



You need to max first Lianna, and then Frigg of you later get the needed ascension materials. Both are excellent heroes. Maxing Lianna first will give you a hero that deals massive massive damage against a single target and temporarily leaving Frigg at 3/70 would be alright as that combo of 3/70 Frig and then 4/80 Lianna may kill an enemy target, or greatly maim them. The same cannot be said on a 4/80 Frigg and then a 3/70 Lianna.


Level Frigg. She is a powerhouse on titans and defense. She is the only hero that makes me skip a raid team.

And I say this desperately wanting Lianna for the same reason as you — no 5 ranger and no good green hitter (have Tell and Tarlak, and Atomos, Kadilen, and Elkanon waiting for tonics). I’d still level Frigg first.

Now I have Bai and Khagan available for ranger, neither of which thrill me. But I’d STILL do Frigg first.


Doesn’t make it easier.
My green roster is pretty decent with Tell18 Kingston9 Kadil3 and Margaret2. My yellow needs some buff with Guin10 Joon14 and Ranvir0. Difficult decision as you all choose Frigg or Lianna. Haha. Thx.

Kingston and lianna is the same. Both are good snipers.

Since u’ve maxed kingston, then go for frigg.


Good call moguleman. You’ve got the sniper, Frigg’s damage to all and the defense down is amazing.

Then you have to max Frigg. Knowing your other heroes would make the forum users give you a better suggestion.

Gonna go your way. Lianna it is.
Frigg and Bai will get there eventually.
Thank you vm. And everyone else.

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I just saw your green roster. One thing to keep in mind is that Frigg will give you a defense down hero for Blue titans. I honestly don’t think you can go wrong with either choice so GL!

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@Zathrus if you take a green stack and use up the tiles, her damage and defense down is negligible.

Tarlak and Tell don’t have good enough damage to kill her before she fires multiple times. Almur is my usual 3rd. This isn’t an issue for the OP, but it is for me.

Again, even with that I’d level her before Lianna.

I came upon Frigg in a raid today. Wow. Left me re-thinking my earlier response. I have to give this a second thought.

As my Frigg gets emblems, she gets more and more amazing. Such a well rounded hero on offense and D.


I have chosen Lianna. Because of the +700 ranger emblems I have now. Thank you all.

how did you apply those emblems?

Sword path. Works out nice. Massive damage.

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