Lianna and Zim, would you user your mats on them?

Completely agree. I was young and foolish when I leveled him up, but at least he helped once.

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I leveled Kellile back in the days. I rank her above the riposte heroes, but admittedly she’s a benchwarmer nowadays. I could really use those daggers right now :rofl:

Somehow, I can’t help but think that made my point.


If you imply that means waiting is better you can try to read it again. Your thanking me for explaining why your advice is the wrong advice (sorry).

  1. Kellile helped me get the needed ascension items
  2. Kellile still does fine in wars/

It;s a fundamental thing Bud, your advice is wrong as you do not seem to grasp that beating Titans leads to ascension materials. And to do that you need multiple heroes of every color. A rainbow setup simply won’t cut it. It’s MUCH faster to level 5 star heroes by using a deep base of four star heroes.

Skipping four star heroes for five star heroes will take too long as you will have issues completing events and getting the necessary top spots against the titans.

Be smart and get multiple four stars of a color. Because even if you somehow manage to have epic luck find the five star heroes in all the colors you want, you will stil will have trouble ascending them, as the problem are the 5-star ascension items.


20x hmmmmmmmmmm


  • f2p/c2p Five star ascension items can be had by:
  1. Last missions of Events
  2. Getting titan loot. The higher the titan the better it goes. => The chances of good loot are determined by your score compared to your peers. Duocoloring is by far the best way to get high scores (wu+strong color+defense debuff).

This is why you can’t just skip to five star heroes… it’s the long way around. Besides, due to duo coloring even at 9 star titans people need to run multiple 4 star heroes as there’s almost nobody who has several hero deep 5 star benches.

So really, keep on training 4 star heroes until you can at least put out 3-4 of a color towards a titan. The items needed for that team will not slow down your leveling of five stars, as that is bottlenecked severely by the final ascension items.


Zim is a fast cleanser with an elemental link effect and AOE effect. Unless you actively have another 5 star you consider more worthy of the items first then Zim is likely worth ascending.

Lianna is an allrounder and the best sniper in the game, double yes.

Finishing all levels of a rare quest means you can max a 5* rainbow team in one year f2p.

Even if we ignore the other opportunities you will be missing out by not leveling four star heroes, those rare quests (and events) will be much harder with few level 4 heroes and handicapped five star heroes, especially since if there’s a color reflect you are in trouble.

Besides, think really hard about this: If you get the final ascension items in a year, why use the four star ascension items now when they are easier to get in the period you inevitably wait for those crappy last ascension items?

By the time you have your 4th-5th final ascension item you can start saving the other matts, before that time just use them on the much needed four star heroes and make your life a lot easier.

A 3-70 five star hero is not as good as 4-80 hero. Start thinking about those heroes when you are close to getting the really hard items.

Thank you for all that received knowledge. Wore that sweater out way back.

My last post was simply there as you had left it out.

I got her shortly after Gormek, glad i got him first. She still has yet to be touched in my deck, i mean maybe someday?

She isn’t awful… but there are better options.

It’s simply that a DOT s pretty underpowered in this game due to the no stacked with bonusses. Even GM hits like a lightweight. But he hits three and relaly fast.

Some need to be the.lesser choices and Kelile ia one of those.

DKeilie’s DoT was buffed recently, which puts her into a better place. But red has so many quality heroes it’s hard to find a place for her.


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