Lianna and Zim, would you user your mats on them?

So, like I always say, I’m kinda new and F2P (actually just bought the VIP pass, so that makes me C2P) but I don’t spend on summons and stuff.

Got lucky to get these to 5* heroes to expand my roster, and until I get to TC20 I think they will be my only ones (unless some epic hero token works wonders again).

Would you use your mats to train them?

I think Lianna is pretty well rounded and the answer is a yes.

Zim on the other hand looks nice if you use color stacked team (no sure if I should put her as a flanker or Tank though) but her power ups overrides those of Kiril or Boldtusk, so I should use her with Colen (which I don’t have) and Gormek, and use a green healer like Gandalf.

So… what do you guys think?

PS: I don’t have the mats yet, but I’d like to know your opinion.

Lianna: there are many snipers but she is the best
Zimkitha: there are few cleansers and she is the faster, while also increasing ATK and dealing damage

They both are good heroes for raids (offense, defense & war) and ok heroes for titans.

Ascend them without regrets when you’ll have the materials :slight_smile:


Yes and yes. :slightly_smiling_face:

20 char

As a c2p you have to remember how long it takes to make a proper team. Save the mats. A 5* at 2^60 will do fine. Use them with Bane and a couple others to farm and raid aggressively to raise the resources necess as ry to build your base.

Definitely a bad advice! Reasons are obvious…

Double yes! Both are good and will be very useful. You can use them on titans, raids, wars and events.

Okey dokey

Oh, the humanity

Harsh! But I probably had the same knee jerk reaction against bud. WTH would you put a speed break on lianna and zim… that’s crazy talk, but I think the OP and bud are talking about using 3* mats to take 5* heroes to 3/1 vs 4* to 4/1.

That’s a fair enough point. If had those heroes AND say for example Bold and melandor on hand, I’d use the blades and shields on BT and melandor first. But it might be too much to suggest hoarding mats and waiting on BT/melandor or other 4* and letting lianna/zim languish at 2/60 for however long. I’m still waiting on BT and if he doesn’t show up before zim gets to 2/60, she’s getting my blades.

At least that’s my take on this right now.

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There were many long arguments on this forum about leveling up 5s to a point and then finding out they are just underpowered 4s. OTOH there were arguments concerning giving all the 4 mats to 4s when a player had most of the 5* mats already.

I find balancing my team with 5s at 2^60 and 4s at 3^60 as I approach an event I plan on summoning gives me room to plan on either getting a good pull or nothing. Whether you are 4000 TP or 1000, this approach helps improve a team.

I am not advocating putting brakes on heroes so much as I am on players.


Yeah I agree with Bud (I think that’s a first).
As a new player you should really focus on 4* (and even 3*) first. Then when you have good roster depth (~2 4* per color maxed), you can shift focus to 5*.
@Kerridoc said the same thing on an other thread but I don’t know how to quote from other thread on mobile…

Edit: but as far as the question goes: yes they both deserve the mats, at some point.

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Well, I almost agree with @EvilSmoothie. I don’t see a reason for depth being seen as a double rainbow of 4*s.

If you dropped a Kiril and a Wu, for instance, I would say look at your mats and move to a mix of 4s and 5s since Zim and Lianna would have sound backing.

Team building requires an equivalence of heroes, resources and ascension materials. If the OP’s luck holds and big heroes continue to drop, there is no reason to build a lesser team.

There are very good reasons for triple or quadruple rainbow 4*!!!

  1. Depth in war
  2. Dual coloring against titans.
  3. It might be over a year before you have more than two five star heroes leveled.

For one 5 star you have the Matts for two 4 stars! Considering an ascended 4 star plays drop-kick with a 2-60 5 star there’s no doubt that going for 4 stars at first is the best way, considering you won’t find enough 5 star specific items in a short period. Yet the sooner you have four star teams running, the better you will do against titans and the more ascension items you will gather (Titans are #1 source for ascension items if you are c2p).

For the record, I’m working very hard for five 4 star heroes per color, I want to be able to field 6 strong teams in a war.

Depth is important, as @Grimzy notes, and 5* heroes take about 2x more feeders and much rare mats to ascend. I would much rather have two excellent 4* rather than one 5*.

With the Challenge Event up, it’s also worth pointing out that you can use a strong 4* team to complete Legendary, but you can’t use your 5* heroes to complete Epic. See @Wharflord’s video of finishing legendary with 4* heroes.


Biggest obstacle in maxing heroes is ascension materials imo maxing 4* first allows you to complete rare quests and events to gain more materials quicker


Well thanks to all for all your replies. I’m learning a lot just by reading.

I can put here my roster if you don’t mind.

3* Fully Maxed - Bane, Valen, Brienne, Hawkmoon, Balthazar, Tyrum, Azar, Chochin, Gunnar, Carver, Berden, Gato, Jahangi.

3* Untouched - A copy of Bane, 2 Tyrum, 2 Kailani, Friar Tuck, Jahangir, 2 Ulmer, Greymane, Dawa, Nashgar.

4* leveled - Wu Kong 4-70, Boldtusk 3-60, Li Xiu 3-12, Cyprian 3-26, Kiril 1-30.

4* Untouched - Gormek, Tiburtus, Gandalf, Kiril, 2 Wu Kong, Valeria, Chao, Boril, Little John, Caedmon.

5* Lianna 2-60, Zim 1-1

Thanks, it’s good get a perspective of your deck. My opinions:

  1. Train five heroes at a time, one of each color. Use matched-color training to get the 20% experience bonus on every feeder.
  2. Build your 4* bench before continuing work on any 5*
  3. Hold all 4* and 5* cards.

Specific training path I would choose:
Dark shift to Tibertus, who is far more useful than Cyprian. Return to Cyprian is you don’t get another dark 4*.
Holy finish Li Xiu then Chao. One Wu is enough.
Ice finish Kiril. I’m not a big fan of Valeria or Boril, but Boril is a better version of Cyprian. Grimm or Triton would be nice adds.
Nature Caedmon then Melendor.
Fire finish Boldtusk when you can, but work on Gormek until then.

If you’re not running TC20 yet, focus your base building to get that running. TC20 is a reliable source of 4* heroes and the occasional source of 5*.


ERRR? Gandalf??? => Melendor?

Well that’s easy then.

  1. Finish BT (if possible)
  2. Finish Gormek and Tibs. If Grimm comes along add him to the queue
  3. Finish Kiril.

Due to the different colors you can opt to do Tibs, Kiril and BT/Gormek at the same time.

Green is a bit tougher. Caedmon is good, but In your case you might prioritize Lianna over Caedmon, if only because it’s cool to have a 5 star to play around with (Not everything is about efficiency^^) => If you have Melendor (Gandalf?) I would raise him first.

Yellow is a bit of a problematic color for a lot of people due to a lack of hardhittters. Li Xiu certainly will help you hold onto cups.

LMAO Kerridoc beat me to it. => I agree on his distaste for riposte heroes Boril/Cyprian. They are kinda useless for Titans/Events and I don’t find them very capable defenders compared to Liu.

This Guardian event is one of the few examples of where Riposte works well against G.Kong. When Guardians was first released, Cyprian was the only reason I was able to finish the final levels (back when my deck looked a lot like the OP’s).

Thank guys, I don’t really like Cyprian nor Boril, but Cyprian was one of the first heroes I pulled, long before most of the 3*. So it was a good alternative to hold cups until I had a better team, but since then I haven’t touched it and I don’t think I will in a long time.

I guess, but generally that’s too thin of a use case. Tiburtus will almost certainly find a place in all of his teams for over a year, whereas Cyprian has a very limited usage.


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