Lianna and Wu Damage not Adding Up

Moderator’s Note: obscuring unrelated text that seems to be causing confusion, as no changes to Wu Kong are currently being tested in beta. I know there is some discussion going on about some possible changes to Wu but I don’t think that plays into my question.

I recently got Lianna and was pretty excited about the amount of damage I should be able to do in combination with Wu. I currently have her at Ascension 3 Level 70 with an attack of 698.

Now as I understand it, which I may be very wrong, damage is calculated as attack - enemy defense.

So I was surprised when I started using Lianna on titans and not really seeing the damage I would expect when buffed by Wu. So I ran a level in season two to take some concrete numbers.

On the boss, with no buffs on either Lianna or the boss I used her special and did 501 damage. That would imply to me that the bosses defense is around 3072 ((698 * 512%) - 501). I then buffed Lianna with Wu which her attack now said 698 + 1291 so 1989. When I used the special on the boss, I did around 720 damage (I forgot the last number).

So the math doesn’t add up, I would expect one of two things, either, Wu doesn’t buff specials, which if that is the case, why did my damage go up at all. Or, I would have expected to have done around 7111 damage ((1989 * 512%) - 3072).

I realize in typing this my understanding of the damage mechanism must be flawed because if it the boss really had defense of 3072 how would any normal attack do damage?

Anyways, I am clearly confused and would appreciate any help in make this clearer for me.

I know off topic, but what’s going on with Wu? Buff? Yes Nerf? Hope not… He’s fragile enough…

Wu Kong does not currently have any buffs or other changes being tested in beta.

That could certainly change, but there’s nothing in the works currently.

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Thank you for response. Apologize for hijacking thread for a minute.

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This isn’t quite the way it works, though it’s the right general direction, as attack exceeding defense does increase damage. But it’s not based on subtraction like that, and there are other components.

This thread has extensive discussion of how damage calculation works, including a more accurate formula:

That makes more sense, I knew that there was something more complicated than what I was thinking. It makes it a little harder to know exactly how much damage your gonna do but at least I know what’s going on now.

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Wu’s buff should have been highly visible in the special; there is a substantial +/- variance on every hit, though, so your intial hit may have been at the high end of the outcomes and your buffed hit at the low end.

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Wu Kong is going to be changed??? How?? In good or bad??

Any rumours that Wu will be charged?? Tks

No planned changes for Wu that anyone is aware of. Nothing is being tested for v20. OP mis-spoke.


With regards to Wu I was talking about the discussion on this thread.

But I now realize that is an old thread and I’m an idiot. Apologies, for some reason when I signed up to the thread it was the first post that showed up so I assumed it was recent.

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