Lianna 3/70, Caedmon 4/70 or Little John 4/70

I`ve been working on getting lianna to 3/70 (got all needed ascension materials) and just got 2 other greens: Caedmon and Little John.
Should I keep leveling her or get one of these 2 to 4/70?
Currently dont have any debuffer in the team…

go all the way with lianna. tyrum and sabina are debuffer too, just like caed.

after you hit ascension wall with her, by then maybe go with caed. I have 2 of him and he’ good in titan/offense raid for me.
hrm… just realized you alr have tib n rigard as your purple so maybe lvlg up sabina is a bit tiring(?) but lianna is worthy enough to be levelled up.

I haven’t started playing around with Lianna yet, but Caedmon has been a mainstay of my team since I got him. Still, you also have Sabina there. I’d work on Lianna for greens and Sabina in purple to cover the higher level dispelling your team lacks. Little John isn’t as high a priority though he’s worth leveling eventually.

If you don’t have enough tonics (not even close) maybe the best choice right now is Caedmon.

He is much better then Tyrum as a dispeller, and you already work on Tiburtus and Rigard for purple heroes, so you probably don’t touch Sabina right now.

Agreed, if you have 4 or fewer tonics, I’d level Caedmon all the way up first.

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There’s good in having a Little John’s for his special attack during events and rare quest bosses. But no need to get him higher than 3/60 when there are better heroes.

Having used a 3/70 Lianna for a long time. I know the common advice is a ‘4/70 4* is better than a 3/70 5*’ but I am not so sure with Lianna. That 512% special attack does a butt ton of damage period evn at just 3/70. There are a lot of 4* debuffers out there. It’s real close for me…

If you don’t Caedmon maxed I think it’s best to do that first…Lianna at 3/70 hits harder than Caed, but she has less defense and less HP than a maxed Caed. The advantage of Caedmon is his debuffer, so you’re actually getting more bang, Lianna is a one trick pony that can potentially die quickly at lvl70. I have her at lvl70 myself, and she does come in handy, but I still prefer Caed, for now. I’ve seen a maxed Lianna take out 4*s on a single shot, so she’s definitely worth it…

Thanks for replies! very mixed opinion and I`ve decided to go with lianna, seems like even on 3/70 she deals probably the most one time dmg from any 5* on this lvl. However Caed is the project no. 2

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