Liana or Evelyn

I’m getting ready to ascend cuz I already have all my materials. But I’m faced with a crisis I’m not sure who would be the better pick between the two. I’d gladly appreciate any advice that you would be able to give me. Thank you.

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See also G. Panther VS Sartana threads :wink:


Id be leaning towards Lianna. She only has one special skill and its doing damage. Id want to get the most out of this one skill by leveling her as high as possible.

All of Evelyns skills are good but her selling points in my opinion are mainly that she dispells buffs and that she drops enemy defense against nature. As long as you get her skill to 8/8 by the time you get her to level 3/70 you’ll get the most out of both of these skills. :slight_smile:

Also, hypothetically if you were taking them both to the same fight, Evelyn would be more likely to survive at 3/70 than Lianna. They have nearly identical defense power but Evelyn has over 100 more health points.

So id put Evelyn on-deck behind Lianna.

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Ascending to 3^70 or 4^80?

So long as specials are maxed, you might consider them as a stacked pair at 70.

Thanks so much for your time and consideration. You all made very good points. Shortly after I got Mother North and I changed my direction completely.

I would not change your directions… I have all of them and the focus still is Evelyn!!!

I would go Evelyn > Zeline > Liana > Mother North