Li Xiu's special didn't take mana


Just used Li Xiu’s special in a raid and the opponent (Sabina) was at full mana and stayed at full mana after the hit. I had triggered Marjana’s special and while the animation was going, I also triggered Li Xiu’s special. I am not sure is Sabina lost health or not. I was not blinded. Later in the raid, I triggered Li Xiu and it did work.


Yes thats happen me there li lue hit my team and i lost my mana as its suppose to happen but when my li lue hit there team they did not lose any manna and they were able to attack me right away with there special when they should of loss that manna and not be able to hit its happen serval time but thing like that happen there are always going to be glitches


Hopefully this can be added to the Fix List. A lot of players have LiXiu


I complained about this a month ago, it’s still not fixed.

@Petri Hel is still broken. My topic was marked solved, though some issues with Hel were fixed, this was not.


This raid did not include Hel


I believe once it’s set to fire it’s just animation timing, the mana is spent. You can reduce from 99% but not from 100%+


I thought I was crazy, but I also had he impression it did nothing to the enemies mana. But since I click lot of things at once, I assumed it somehow missed or I was crazy.

Regarding Hel, yes, after getting hit by her, mana just stop working for some heros.