Li Xiu - Wu Kong - Gretel - Which to ascend to Level 4

WuKong and LiXiu are both ready to ascend to level 4. Special ability on both are maxed out

I just got Gretel this week so she is only at Level 1…it will be a while before she is ready to ascend to Level 4

Any advice or suggestions on who to use my ascension materials on ?

Wu kong, definetely. You need him against every Titan and in Events.


Wu kong is always the answer. After him, Gretel.


Similar question. Who do you like better Li Xiu or Gretel? Going to keep both, trying to figure who to level next.

Wu. Wu. A thousand times Wu.

Then Gretel

Wu, if u do not have tarlak…then gretel :wink:

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With a full lvld wu and the new costumes,… Li Xiu with costume or Gretel? :thinking:

Forgot to say that I have an almost full lvld Vivica with costume and Justice at 3/70, so I’m fine with yellow defense.

Gretel. Mana control is easy to underestimate

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Seeing as BOTH do mana control, I would go for Li Xiu as she has a wider Mana Control Effect than Gretel does (affecting all rather than 1).

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Li delays the use of specials by a turn or two. Gretel fully prevents it plus damages the target when they get full mana. Plus she’s faster and hits harder. Li is more durable, and definitely better for defense, but Gretel wins the offensive battle hands down.

They’re both the same speed…?

I have both levelled all the way and I know which one gets more use…

As I said, Gretel effects one. Li Xiu affects all…

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I guess it depends on your playstyle. I also have both maxed, and I use Gretel much more on attack and Li on defense

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