Li Xiu vs Hu Tao

I’ve had Li for a while and just pulled Hu.

I will level Hu for 4* rush attack tournaments and because I like having one of everyone instead of dupes.

But he’s the worst 4* yellow in my opinion.

And I have Justice for proper jobs.

Li and Chao work well together to skim the mana off the enemy and make a big dent in the most dangerous special.


Just switched my defense to Kiril - Li Xiu - Ares - Li Xiu - Hel

I’ll see how that does over night 3717.


Well that was a fail, dropped below diamond and couldn’t get back up, 2 Li Xiu isn’t working, even though my offense had trouble against her as usual, not enough to lose, just enough to make it close.


maybe that plan woukd work better with Hel as tank. Wouldn’t you try?

worth a shot, I honestly don’t care much between diamond and platinum, still low loot drop either way.

Kiril - LX - Hel - LX - Marjana

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Even with my strongest team (4100) I still hate Li when I see her on defense. She’s just so annoying if I can’t kill her immediately and she manages to stop my mana.

Trust me, I’m sure you’ll be getting lots more Hu Taos … go with Li for now!


After a long time of meditation, Li Xiu will go at first. Hu tao will be leveled up at its moment, but Li seems to be 1 foot ahead.

TY all for the advice :slight_smile:

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Just had a thought on Li Xiu with Hel, if Hel has the mana frozen does Li Xiu still drop the existing mana like normal ? If not that isn’t as good a pairing.

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yes, both effects can be applied at the same time. That’s why I considered that formation. I have seen something similar before, a Hel flanked by two queens

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OK, is this also good paired with Proteus? I also wanna try with Merlin. So to make one of attacker full mana useless.

(Other) - Merlin - Li Xiu - Proteus - (Other)

Any opinion or disadvantage this formation?

I see that formation working better with Proteus than with Merlin. When Merlin uses his special, the enemy has to fill 100% of the mana to cast the mindless attack. That means, if you use Merlin + Li Xiu, her mana reduction won’t give a chance to arcane blast of being activated. Or in the opposite case, if there are enemies with Merlin’s effect and they fill their mana full, it will activate mindless attacks and their mana will be absolutely depleted, which means, there’s no mana for Li Xiu to reduce. That’s how I see that; of course you would take care of how to use Merlin + LI on attack, but I don’t see the AI using that pair well. IMHO Li + Proteus have a much better synergy

But in a rain of ideas, if you have Sir Lancelot, he would do a good pair with Merlin. Sir would help to cast mindless attacks faster on enemies, thinking on attack teams, I dont think I would use Sir on defence, I see him a little bit squishy and I have BT 4/70 + 7, so Sir will remain at 1/1 for a long while

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@jinbatsu I use Proteus and Li Xiu together, and can confirm. Even when Proteus has frozen mana generation, Li Xiu will reduce any existing mana the enemy has.


What about:
Hel - Li Xiu - Kunchen - Li Xiu - Hel :slight_smile:

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