Li Xiu vs Hu Tao

Got those 2 today summoning in Avalon. First 2 4* yellows btw, so… who should I ascend first? I have mats for both but ascending 1 hero per element is the non-written rule. What do you guys suggest me?

Congrats on the pull. I think you’ll get more use out of Hu Tao in the long run. Li Xiu was my first 4* yellow and she’s still sitting at 3-60 over a year later. You’ll need both eventually depending on how your roster develops.

I would vote Li Xiu. She is surprisingly good on defence and really good for quests if you don’t have other ways to deal with boss mana. Hu Tao is great when he fires… eventually.


Li and Kashrek are two the best 4* tanks.


In my honest opinion, and I have both these heroes, I would run with Li Xiu


Are you around Gold arena tier for raiding? If so, then I’d go Li Xiu. She is a good tank.

Otherwise I’d go Hu Tao. Blindness to all enemies is highly valuable. Even if he’s slow, you’re not going to find another hero with blindness until you get a 5* yellow.

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I’m around 2100 trophies. And right, blindness is a rare ability, and it will take months (and luck) to get and train Justice (who is also slow)

That kinda changes things. What level is Justice at?

If she’s at 3/70 then I’d say train Li Xiu. Otherwise it may be worth going Hu Tao if you want a blind caster quickly.

nope, I don’thave Justice. I mean, when I get TC20 and start training, the chances are very low of getting any 5*

Hu Tao then. He’ll be more useful now than Li Xiu.

Personally I find Li Xiu useful when paired up with someone else that casts DoT or stalls mana generation. Little John and Kelile for e.g. are good teammates for her.

Now at 2300+ trophies though, I find myself using Hu Tao a lot more, because blindness ailment is something that pairs well with a lot more heroes.


but Hu Tao isn’t that weak, is he? anyway I would not use him, he usually doesn’t fire, or when I face him, Rigard is often ready

Mana control is one of the best skills to have in the game for events, raids, AW, titans, etc… Li Xiu was one of my first Epic Holy heroes, and I have no regret maxing her. I do regret having fed 3 of her to Drake…:confounded:

I have both Chao and Li Xiu and she tends to be used more for raids and events, while Chao joins Drake and Jackal against titans. Picked up another Li Xiu recently and will level her ahead of Hu Tao - average over slow is the way I like to play.

Hu Tao can be useful, especially during the very fast tourney where his AoE and -accuracy will shine. I guess it will depend on where your priorities are, and which hero would suit your current team and playstyle better. I tend to enjoy raiding and AW more…

Opinions are about 50/50. I guess I will throw a money to decide who goes at first, but eventually both will be leveled up. I might be wrong, but both of them have a good synergy with Wilbur, both of them are offensive AoE heros, and Li Xiu being a good tank doesn’t change my concept right now, as I’m leveling up Kashhrek for that purpose. Meanwhile BT will stay as tank.

Once again I have concluded nothing. But both of them will be useful in the long run

Li Xiu was my first 4* and first maxed hero, and I loved her very much, even built up and 2nd of her but at some point I got other heroes and she doesn’t get used much anymore.

What I do see is she is really most useful on defense, I can’t count how many time I fight someone with Li Xiu and I my awesome combo that gets me all mana up only to have Li Xiu strip the special strike at that critical time. She just can’t have that same impact on offense, instead the defense always gets to fire off their specials and then Li Xiu fires at a team of no mana.

I think I’ll try putting my 2 Li Xiu on flank on my defense team and see how that works out for a few days.

Hu Tao is garbage. Don’t listen to these guys. He hits like a pillow and his defense and hp stats aren’t very good either. Blindness is good but at slow mana, he’s just awful. Li xiu mana cuts the entire enemy team at average mana, that’s an ability you can actually get some use out of. She’ll mana cut the enemy defense team BEFORE they can kill your heroes with their specials. Hu Tao (if he’s alive by the time it takes to charge him) will blind the enemies AFTER your heroes are dead.

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I’ve been raiding at diamond level for sometime and Li still messes me up when i go up against her. (Often very emblemed up at this point) i don’t see as many Hu Tao in diamond. His blindness definitely devastated me many times in gold and plantinum before i had a decent cleanser, but now its mostly just a bit of a nuisance.
Li however is going to be the next yellow 4* that i max. I use her every war at 3/60 and i use her in class quests. I have yet to work on my Hu Tao. I have Onatel, Jackal, Chao and Wu all maxed in holy with Poseidon at 3/70 and i still find all sorts of value in Li Xiu even though i won’t be using her on defense. Hu Tao, well…he’s pretty much benched until i have any other holy to work on. I’m even gonna max Danzaburo and my 3* holy before i work on him.

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Average speed vs Slow speed is really no different at this point in the game for the OP.

Average: 10 tiles to charge to max
Slow: 12 tiles to charge to max

when you make a match, minimum you must match 3 tiles. By this factor, you have 3+3+3 = 9, the next one being 12. Which means that on average, Li Xiu will take around the same number of matches to charge as Hu Tao.

Unless OP has mana troops at level 23 or a mix of them with another hero like Lancelot… but note OP said it’s their first 4* yellow too, so it’s unlikely that the former is true.

You’re overestimating Li Xiu’s ability to charge “BEFORE” the defense team. She’s on average charging around the same time Hu Tao will charge, at least at this point in the game for OP, she will be.

@Keisuk3honda, it sounds like you’re saying that neither is a super strong fit for your current roster (e.g., Li Xiu as a tank isn’t needed). In that case, I think it’s fair to look at how will fit into a hypothetical future roster.

Hu Tao

Hu Tao’s effect is powerful, but I can’t think of a single hero that it synergizes particularly well with. Another way of saying that may be that it synergizes decently with all heroes (that is, all your heroes like it when their opponent’s miss). That said…the slow mana thing is a serious problem.

Li Xiu

Li Xiu pairs very well with almost all the other mana controllers: Onatel, Little John, Proteus, Hel, Mitsuko, any emblemed hero who procs delay, etc. Incidentally, she probably doesn’t pair super well with Hansel and Gretel (or possibly even Merlin), but that’s still a pretty length list. So for me the question becomes, ‘how likely are you to have some of those in your sights in the future?’

Personal Example

I recently started raiding in the Diamond Arena and use Li Xiu several times a day. That may be a bit unconventional (though perhaps not at the lower end, where I am), but I believe she is more valuable to me because she’s paired with Onatel literally every time she takes the field. And they often also run with Mitsuko or Proteus.


Didn’t Hu Tao and Li Xiu have similiar stats?

Hu Tao’s special skill damage have just been increased from 175% to 200%. I wonder if you have take that into account? Li Xiu’s special damage is 150%, which mean she also hit like a pillow.

I have no doubt that Li Xiu is better than Hu Tao at defense.

But for attack, although Li Xiu only need 10 tiles to charge, both need 4x match-3 yellow tiles. So unles you can make an extra tile from match-4, they will fire at the same rate (without high level mana troop). Anchor Guide give them both grade B for attack.

Hu Tao is actually a bit sturdier than Li Xiu. For a slow 4*, he has the highest chance to fire due to his sturdiness, unlike Colen, Little John, or Skittleskull who are fragile.

One more thing to consider: emblems.
Li Xiu share the same class with two most useful 4* heroes: Wu Kong and Wilbur… Though I doubt Hu Tao is emblem worthy himself…

Personal experience:
I only have Hu Tao at last ascension, I don’t have Li Xiu, so I don’t know how they compare in attack.

My main attack team consist of: Proteus, Rigard, Sabina, Grimm, Sonya (3 purple and 2 blue stack).
Therefore, each raid I try to find for yellow tank thus I have many experience facing 4* yellow tank. I don’t know why but I am not even afraid of Li Xiu. If the board is good, whoever the yellow tank will be gone without firing. But when the board is bad and Li Xiu fire, I am still not afraid because her damage is so small and the mana loss is minimal (bad board mean I only charge the mana a little). But if it is Hu Tao who fire, I will have trouble cleansing it with Rigard as the only way he fire is if the board was bad and my Rigard can’t charge his mana…
4/70 Hu Tao is better than 3/70 Justice. So I will fight 3/70 Justice tank before 4/70 Hu Tao tank.


Well I didn’t want to sound like they won’t fit in my roster, all the opposite, I needed 4* yellows ASAP. It’s just that I’m not thinking about using another different tank. I haven’t been able to convince my alliance to use the same color of tanks, but they would give it a try if the tank is Kashhrek, that’s why I have chosen him first as next tank (for AW)

About your question, I wanted to get Merlin, but didn’t pull him, so Li Xiu would be the one in charge of mana control. I might aim for Hänsel in the next Grimforest, as I also have a serious lack of 4* greens, but it depends on what will I get from TC20 in the mext 3 months

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