Li Xiu or Kashhrek as a better tank

Another helpful member advised me to work on Li Xiu as a tank however I forgot I just got Kashhrek as well. Both haven’t been touched yet. My other options for green and yellow are Chao and skittleskull.

My other heroes are Sartana 2/48, Tiberius 2/21, triton 3/51, Kiril 2/23, magni, Scarlett 3/60 (have enough AM for her), gormek and Caedmon 3/51

Thanks in advance!

Kashrek is better and will take you farther. That said levell Li as she will competently sit on the flank making life all that much more unbearable for a raiding team.


Yes that would be an annoying defense team but what about offense? My main focus is titans and raids which are kind of opposite to defense when it comes to the heroes you should use.

Ultimately I want a good team for all situations but I’m not there yet. I’m not sure what to work on first Defense or offense. Which is more important to advance you in the game?

Neither are great on titans. You want high tile damage - so either high attack (sword), a special that buffs attack, or a special that drops the titans defense. But out of those two, Kash will help keep the team alive (or at least those next to him), so I would give him the edge.

So focus next on Kashhrek for green but what about yellow should I focus on li or Chao?

Depends where you are in the game, what’s your current total power and lvl? So based on that and what you value for long-term.

Chao will be more helpful in gold and TP below 3000. Above that, he is handicapped. He’s supposed to be a sniper but can’t one kill in platinum whenever I faced him.

Lixui will carry you further, I will soon be replacing her with caedmon on defense to get debuff and field three attackers. She is still my loot ticket for farming, saves me from doing all the waves.


Li is better on defense than Chao. Hits all in general is more useful, and less things for the AI to screw up.

My team power is 2933. I have Leo at 2/60 but I don’t have the mats to get him any farther so I have to work on another yellow. It seems like Li Xiu will get me farther right now.

I’m a few ascension items away from leveling a 4* rainbow team to 4th tier but how this game goes who knows when I’ll get them.

For this account I don’t have Sonya boldtusk or Kelilie. It would be triton or Kiril, Scarlett, Tiberius, Li, and Kashhrek.

I’m in gold and go from 1300-1500 cups. I’m kind of stuck right now and can’t progress further

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Scarlett Triton Kash Li Tiburtus

Ok thanks. I’ll work on those.

Triton will be useful with Kash. Where you are at this should work well.

I never got to use Kashhrek. I pulled him very late and haven’t touched him as of yet. He is quite the pain though.

I wanted Rigard to compliment triton but of course I never pull him. I got Kiril and I really like him but they are both blue so… And yes Kashhrek is a pain when I see him leveled high I re-roll.

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Yeah I remember when I was there. He would never go away.

Rigard is amazing and if you pull him you will have another decision to make. Tiburtus is great as well. He can work as a tank as well so if you pull a green hitter that will work for you.

I use Rigard on almost every team. He has saved me so much.

I have 2 more I want to level for war. But it will be some time.

I think because I want Rigard so bad he has evaded me on purpose. I have Caedmon so Rigard would be perfect go with triton and the others. Here’s to hoping I’ll get him someday.

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Oh that is right you have Caed on this team. Rigard would be perfect. Although Tiburtus is great too.

I feel like Im at a disadvantage without a healer. They are lifesavers. Maybe I need to figure out a better strategy without one.

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I am still not there yet. Some go without on defense but they also have hero’s that will wipe you out quick.

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