Li xiu or chao?

Was 25 %. My bad…lol

I’ve had this choice on 3 accounts (2 of mine and helping my kids). The two i chose Chao were much better choices than the one I chose LiX as my first yellow.

She’s SO weak on offense. Chao was MUCH more helpful on things like challenge events and rare quests due to his speed, he was much more helpful as I was building my team to getting strong enough to accumulate more ascension mats.

I cannot more strongly recommend Chao over LiX.


Chao was finally maxed, he is very useful in war team in a yellow stack. The mana cut is good and at fast mana he’ll probably be able to pin back an enemy. If paired with Jackal the mana cut usually isn’t needed b/c the enemy is dead, nevertheless, it is nice to have in case they don’t die. Afterwards they probably won’t be able to fire before being killed.

Li Xiu - is the current yellow project ONLY because of Tournaments. For Rush Attack the mana cutters/blockers are very helpful, she will see play in a 4* Rush Attack, so very niche. Perhaps late war teams if needing an additional yellow for a stack.

The difference in mana speed seems crucial, Chao prevents specific dangerous specials from going off while dealing decent sniper damage. Li Xiu can set a whole team back a bit of mana but tends to fire after some damage has been done to you. As an AoE she will only clean up the badly wounded enemies.

For defending Li Xiu would probably get the nod from me if I were forced to choose. AI can’t be counted on to target the priority target with his mana cut and his snipe isn’t usually enough to one shot an enemy. Li Xiu is as close to AI proof as you will get.


From my defensive perspective, Li Xiu is part of the defense that keeps me in Diamond:

By contrast, I didn’t bother leveling Chao past 3-60. He was one of my earliest heroes, and he served me well early in the game, but he was surpassed later by better heroes.

My two cents. :slight_smile:

Good gaming!


Chao is true to his title. Master tactician. He’s not the strongest hero. But use him well and he brings victory. He hits wing characters really well and is able to tank hits really decent
Li xiu’s gameplay even though it looks the same is catered more towards power play. I consider her as a poor woman’s version of guin and that mana cut can proven to be useful at times in raid

You may wish to consider how emblems affect each hero. And also, in the future, how costumes will affect them.

Chao with +18 or +20 emblems? How do you like him now?
Li Xiu with +18 or +20 emblems? How do you like her now?

Let’s consider Li Xiu with a costume, as well, which people who have read about generally seem to disapprove. But I beg to differ:

Right now, Li Xiu is a Monk. 616 attack, 665 shields, 1098 health.
Her skills are to attack with 150% damage to all, and reduce mana by 20% to all.

Put a costume on her, see what happens:

She becomes a rogue. Stats go to 660 / 690 /1135
Skill goes +30% attack to 180% to all
Skill goes -10% mana to 10% mana to all (this is what everyone can’t handle)

But… think about emblems, and think about ROGUE. Rogue is one of only three of the ten classes that allows you to use 8/20 nodes to boost the attack. Each node adds 15 attack. 15 x 8 = 120.

So imagine Li Xiu with 780 attack, doing 180% damage to all.
How do you like her now?
And with it she would get some additional shields and health along the way.
She’d be about 780 / 740 / 1250

I don’t know about you, but I’m good with an average mana speed 4* with +20 emblems who has those kinds of stats, especially doing damage to all. Not too shabby.

When information comes out about costumes for Chao, do the same research on him. THEN, you can really do a fair comparison between the two.



Agreed, she would be impressive if maxed, but…

In Rogue class Li Xiu in skins is competing for emblems with Jackal among the 4* yellow, he is very fast mana elemental debuff and reasonably attainable (reasonably since 4* drop with decent frequency and Guardians has two 4* so odds are about as good as you can get for an event hero, not high odds but decent).

Li would also competing for emblems with Scarlett who already has the highest S1 4* attack in the game AND cuts the enemies’ attack (barely behind Ameonna’s attack stat).

If adding 5* there are many excellent Rogues…it is one of the best classes for sure, not so clear that Li Xiu wins this competition. By the time you have the skin maxed and the emblems to bring Li Xiu to +20 you’ll probably have better options than her.

I view Chao and Li Xiu as utility heroes, decent, useful heroes but not the best at any one thing and therefore they are probably not the ones that win the competition for the resources involved in maxing out.

Still speculative until we know the details of all the skins…

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I may be in the minority, but Li XIu for me without a question! yeah, she is slower than Chao, but still average, not slow. her mana reduction is 20% to all versus Chao’s 25% to one. chances are more often than not you will overfill the mana and she would fire her special at the same time Chao would anyway.
before I started getting TC20 5*, she was always on my raid attack team and never disappointed me.

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What emblem path did you take for Li? I was wondering how she would perform with a focus on attack with emblems.

Here are the branches I took in the talent tree/grid, at each point where you have to choose one side or the other:

Atk (Def, but didn’t get this far yet)

She is currently at 4-70+16, with 676 Attack, 756 Def, 1134 HP.


Aside from stats like attack and defense, also take into consideration the class ability of the two as well. Li Xiu has the withstand ability which from my experience negates any incoming debuff if it activates. Chao has pierce which has a chance to bypass defensive buffs. Including counter attacks. Imo, go with Chao because you can assess which opponent is the more dangerous one to stall the mana. If you pair him with someone like Proteus, it is AMAZING!! That pair carried my bacon through the last two battle days of last week’s tournament and enabled me to go 5-0 those two days.

What I love to do with Chao and Proteus is assess which side has a lot of mana filled up. Cast scar of the depths, then tac cut the one out of the three that has the most mana in their bar.

I’ll add that I make use of Wu a lot. If I happen to have Chao ready with a special, I can’t waste it when I have the Gambler buff because of the very good chance of missing.

Combined with Wu, Li Xiu has at least a chance that she will cut someone’s mana while still under the effects of his buff

Like everything, the answer is usually “it depends”

I reluctantly leveled Chao… and am now reluctantly leveling Li Xiu… only to 3.60 though…they can stay there for quite awhile too as far as I’m concerned… Yellow seems to sort of be lacking in the 4* option…

Anyhow. I find a good mantra (with 4*s) when you really have nothing else to level to be:
When in doubt, take em to 3.60…


With these heroes should I use Li Xiu, go with Hu Tao or stay with danzaburo?

Thank you in advance

If it will be a key hero in your defense for the foreseeable future, I’d go with Li Xiu, personally. She has about the same durability as Hu Tao but she benefits from being Average speed instead of Slow.

Danzaburo is a good hero… for offense. I think he is poor on defense, because as soon as he freezes, your opponent can use him as a tile dumping ground to burn useless tiles, because he won’t charge any mana for two turns.

I have Li Xiu maxed and emblemed, she still features in my defense right now; I also have Danzaburo and make good use of him in yellow stacks for war.

Good gaming!


I’ll definately go for Li Xiu over the two. Danza is durable but if he freeze himself, your team will suffer as the hole is a good place to charge the mana, just like Ameonna’s.
Hu Tao’s blinding is effective but he usually die before he can cast his special.
As for Li Xiu, she is quite durable as a tank. I emblemmed her to +10 and still using her regularly in diamond arena. The 20% mana cut on 5 is quite effective.

You future line up should be Kiril, Kelile, Cyprian, Li Xiu and Caedmon or Caedmon, Cyprian, Li Xiu, Boril and Colen. The 2nd one lacking a healer but you can always toggle around with the combination that suit your playing style.

Would you change something in that setup? Like changing some hero? I’m not convinced by Cyprian.
Thanks for the suggestions so far

Li Xiu tank… try this:

Caedmon | Kiril | Li Xiu | Little John | Kelile

If Little John and Li Xiu both fire their skills, it’s game over for the attacking team. They can’t use skills because of Li’s mana cut, and they’ll have a lot of trouble charging their specials back up because of John’s mana down. Li goes in the center, because she’s a meatshield, sturdy enough to take hits before going down.

My wife runs a similar defense team to that with a few emblems. It holds her in platinum at around 2100 trophies.

Is ok not to use a purple? Also are u suggesting that for attack or defense?
Sorry I’m new to the game

That team would be for defense.

Usually it would be better to have one of each color for your defense team. But Cyprian is a better hero for the tank position (the center of your defense team). With Li Xiu in the center, he’d easier to counter if he was on the side.

The team I suggested should be fine for defense though, even if it doubles up on green. For one, you have Kiril in the flank which discourages red heroes (somewhat). Also note that I separated Caedmon and Little John, they’re on opposite sides so any red tiles will not be focused on them at the same time.

If you want 1 of each color, what you could do is a team more like the one AliceCooper posted first:

Caedmon | Kiril | Cyprian | Li Xiu | Kelile

The only difference is that I put the fastest heroes in the corners. I make a habit of doing that for the most part (there are a few exceptions) because it’s more likely that slower heroes won’t fire their skills in those positions.

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