Li Xiu doesn't reduce mana

Hi. I just fought middle stage of trials of devotion and used Li Xiu. When she attacked the two final bosses their mana didn’t drop at all.
I have been suspecting her mana reduction is not working properly against enemies in raids too but just in case I am not using her anymore when fighting other players.
But in trials of devotion I even spent three mana pots to check. And, no. Their mana bar didn’t go down not even a tiny bit while hitting then with Li Xiu 4 times in a row.
Sorry I don’t know how to play and record a video at the same time. Otherwise I would post it as proof.

Well the opponents have manashield talent so if it activate its working as intended… Do you have any vid or screenshots? Which were the opponents?


Boril and Vivica - both mana shield clerics


Like @Rfm and @JonahTheBard said, some heroes generate Manashield from time to time. Friar Tuck was hell to crack through with Hansel’s mana degenerating special for me during Trials of Piety.

Rare, but still not impossible

As fighters revive 4+ times in a row… Rare but happened to me few times…

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