Li Xiu cuts mana after killing

I’ve recently noticed that Li Xiu (and possibly other heroes) reduces mana of dead heroes when she kills them.

I find it inconsistent with her card because she first deals damage and then reduces mana.
If damage kills the enemy there should be no target for secondary effects to apply.

Although this could be called a feature and easily solved swapping the effects, the end result is very different when you field a CPR specialist.


The dead hero is still subjected to all effects because in the case it gets revived

That probably is bug. It is like The Hatter vs Taunt

Any targets will not death completely when they are killed by direct damage from skill. They will be in “intermediate-death state” and will be completely die after all effect of skill active. However, mana cut shouldn’t affect target in “intermediate-death state”.

No, Jack can’t apply his ailment if target is killed by his direct damage. I’m not sure if Marjana, Sartana, etc. can apply their ailment to fighter target or not if the target is killed by his direct damage and revive in the next turn.

But that’s an ailment. This is a direct effect

Yes, that is why it can but ailment can’t but the question is “Is it really work as intent ?”

Yep, basically this is the question.
Now… I can’t really run an experiment on that BUT if Li Xiu reduces mana of all enemies, including dead enemies it should reduce the mana of the enemies who are already dead before she applies damage - eventually turns before she fires - because that’s what an enemy dying of Li Xiu damage is before she cuts mana: a dead hero.

And we could argue that Caedmon should dispel all heroes, dead too, which might happen or not as I’ve never put too much attention to that.

In my gaming experience this is the first time I’ve seen an affect or an effect - of any kind - interact with a corpse.

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