LGBTQ+ alliance looking for advanced players 🌈

Hi all! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Queer Dragons is an LGBTQ+ :rainbow: international alliance and is looking for advanced players (ideally level 30+) who want a new home!

Alliance rules:

:crossed_swords: War opt in is optional, but use your flags if you opt in!

:dragon_face: Hit the Titan.

:speech_balloon: Inactivity of >14 days without notice is a kick.

Other than that, it’s just have fun, be nice and support one another! We have a Discord for in game advice and out of game chatting too.

Regularly getting 9* Titans and at around 4000-5000 in wars.

If it sounds like somewhere you’d be a good fit, then come join :partying_face:


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