LF Advice 4* Heroes to prioritize and good raid lineups

These are photos of my best heroes and my raid defense lineup. All advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

You need to have a solid rainbow 3* team before you start on 4* for many reasons, but most importantly they are easiest to level while you wait for ascension items. Even 2 of each color.

I would level first

3* Bane, Belith, Balthazar, Valen

Then 4*

Bold Tusk, Wu Kong must haves then, a defence reducer (Gormek, tins, Grimm), buff removers, healers

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I agree that 3* are easier to level and you need to have a good team of them for events anyway so don’t forget about them or use them to train your 4*s until you have duplicates and too many of them.

That said you don’t need any special ascension items to get your 4s to 3-60 where they are far better than your 3s. So you need to decide if you want to be ready for the next event with a 3* or 4* team being your focus. If you don’t care then I’d focus my time and energy on 4*s as they will be used by you for a good while to come.

Of the ones you have, I’d probably look at a rainbow team first for general use and raiding.
Red: Scarlet for the damage (Boldtusk may have a place later on for the attack buff)
Blue: Kiril for healing and buffs
Green: Caedmon for the enemy de-buff and fast attack special.
Yellow: Wu Kong, his special is game changing and stacks with Kiril and Boldtusk. Li is better on defense you can level her up later.
Purple: Rigard strong heal and cleanses ailements from your team.

This team gives you double heals, double buffs, each cleanse/de-buff, and double fast attack specials. That should see you through just about any situation.

When you are ready to broaden out your team and options, think about Boldtusk for stronger attack buff and Sonya for another fast attacker. When you want to strengthen your defense Li Xiu, Little John, and Boril are all good to have on Defense. Since you have so many healing options I would bench Sabina for now and not worry about her.

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I would go BT over Scarlett, but I like the rest of the advice. BT is the best 4* hero. Unfortunately this would put you healer heavy. You could put Sonya over Kiril to start.

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Ty guys! Ice decided to only max a few 3s but go as far as possible with 4s. All advice was helpful.

That is pretty much what I said at the end of my post to broaden his team. I made the suggestions I did, based on Kiril and Scarlet adding survivability to a younger weaker team. Kiril for the defense and Scarlet to reduce enemy attack, means his team will survive harder opponents. If his team were all 3-60 and asking what to ascend I would have built the team differently.

I love BT and think he is a top 4* worth investing in.

BT is the red I take to blue Titans. 48% attack buff is huge. Stack him with Grimm and it’s insane.

Another attack strategy is Boril with a sniper and 3 healers. I regularly beat 3500 power teams with my 2999 team using this strategy.

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