Lewena fails in Ninja Tower

I’m loathe to do more personal research but here is my observation …

If a Boss enemy is hit with both Lewena and (Hansel or Peters) … both effects are shown but neither effect is implemented & the Boss fires anyways

Not sure what you expect Lewena to do here.
But Hansel and Peters not working can be for 2 reasons.
1 - In case Garnet was in the mix and she fired she protects the team from ailments.
2 - The Ninja Boss is on 2nd or 3rd charge and you fire Peters or Hansel.

In Hansel’s case the boss will cut mana to half but she can still fire on her previous charge (In case 3 he cuts to 2.5 and then still fire next turn at the charge 2.
In Peter’s case the boss will be silent when he reached the charge but can fire on the previous charge.
Moreover, in Ninja towers, the number of turns ailments are in effect on the boss is reduced based on the level you are fighting. From 11 to 20 all status effects are reduced by 1 turn. From 21 it is 2 turns less per status effect.

So you might have expected 3 turns of ailment, but it could be for 2 turns.
PS. I used Peters, Tettukh, Hansel and Gretel to good effect.
My current team at Level 20 completed is Treevil, Peters, Griffin, Boldie and Tettukh.


If that happened in the impossible levels, bear in mind that bosses have the ‘strong mind’ passive:

That would explain why the bosses have resisted Peters’ or Hansel’s special skills.


Actually not a direct Lewena bug … I’m new to using her or going against her & thought (wrongly) that she prevented Special … but she only prevents Talent … my bad :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

However … both Peters & Hansel are supposed to prevent Specials … one Silenced & the other Random attack on ally when mana full … I’m 80% certain that neither happened with Lewena status effect

I’ll do more research tonight … & report back

Hansel doesn’t cast mindless attack, he forces damage and mana reduction when the bar is full.

For ninja heroes, it’s possible e.g. that a ninja’s mana at tier 3 gets reduced to 2.5, in which case they can still hit you with the 2nd charge. No bug here either.

Thanks for correction of my statement :vulcan_salute: … but either way … the point I was trying to make was both Hansel & Peters temporarily prevent attacks & I thought that wasn’t happening

After more research on v48 I’ve come to the following conclusion … PEBCAK :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

In my defense … I’ll claim there’s a slight possibility it only happened on v47 :innocent: