🏰 Lewena – 5* Fire / Red from Clash of Knights

She is new gen killhare without a detrimental effect. If you missed killhare she would be a good substitute

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My take on her: six turns.

And. Even if Killhare only has a chance to revive, I take that into account when deciding who to kill in raid. Now that can be taken out of the equation.

Did I mention six turns?

Im blessed/cursed with GM, JF and Nat who all set on fire, so a nice addition as well.

I like this lady.

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I feel her talent will work in most of my annoyances…fighters and clerics, but I believe the monks can still resist her special and wreak havoc by blocking ailments. Elizabeth is the prime candidate for always resisting my ailments. She’s still a solid hit all red.

I have both C. Santa and Isrod. I don’t think either is really that useful. C. Santa has that rush niche (like right now!). I had Isrod fully emblemed before the buff and used him some more. He’s interesting, but I just don’t think the mana boost is enough to warrant using him. I have a cool team with him and Sif giving a huge hitter in the middle two kinds of mana buffs along with the reposte, but other than that I’ve found him less and less useful. Hard to say which is better. I’d base it on monk vs paladin emblems personally.


Don’t sleep on Lewena, she is a great hero and some of the responses above might steer people away from her.

I would argue that she is overall better than Eloise and Penolite, but not Octros or Wolfgang.

  • Octros only needs to have 4 Fire shields on the board to hit roughly as hard as Lewena, and only 8 to hit for a considerable amount of damage-to-all. Combined with an attack down to all enemies and Octros is a top tier offensive hero.
  • Wolfgang hits for roughly as much as Lewena, and coupled with an awesome damage reduction buff and an eventual health boost to all, makes for a top tier all-around hero.

Obviously if there are Minions and/or Summoners in play then Penolite (especially) and Eloise are going to be much better options, however, Lewena’s special is the better of the other two as it isn’t dependent on a specific type of hero or action to have an effect, it always has a use on other heroes. While the ability to block talents is not game changing it can still be useful and you can easily incorporate it into your game plan to maximize it’s effect.

I wouldn’t say that Lewena is like Killhare. Killhare at the time of her release was a true beast, 300% damage to all enemies at Average speed was (and still is) very impressive, so much so that they had to add a steep penalty to the special in a defense down to the rest of your allies. Lewena on the other hand has a useful addition to go with her damage, and while the damage she in inflicts is really high relative to her mana speed, it isn’t comparable to what Killhare did relative to the meta at the time of her release. Both are great heroes, but Lewena is obviously superior as she does not punish the rest of the team when firing.


Don’t agree at all. What are you basing that statement on?

She blocks the talents first, then fires. Only Ninjas and heroes with an active “Dodge” special will have a chance of avoiding the damage. All others (apart from ghosted) will take the hit. Further, if the damage is enough then no hero apart from one with an active resurrection effect (like Tyr, Atomos, etc.) will be able to revive automatically.

Yes the special isn’t game changing like Penolite’s is when facing a bunch of summoners, but it is still useful. So long as the special is in effect you don’t need to worry about any talents whatsoever aside from Monks (and only sometimes). If you only face teams with heroes that have few or no emblems then this special will mean nothing, but if you face teams with fully (or nearly) emblemed heroes then this special definitely has it’s use, and then there is still a 260% hit on ALL ENEMIES.

What did you need this hero to do, 400% damage to all with a -40% Defense down to all, and at Fast mana speed?


Can it make the tea too, please?

Have her and still not sold. I never actually feel like I’ve lost a game due to an emblem talent. If she handled family bonuses or passives, that’s another story, but on their own the talent part just seems like a tiny addition to try to make her more valuable. If she had been released without it, I don’t think she’d be that desirable, so they tried to add this tiny addition to make her seem more valuable. I’ll raise her because I frankly don’t have any other reds in waiting, and her stats alone will be nice. Just not sure she’ll see much play time.


I got her, Quenell and Esme. I am happy about my heroes. True, she would probably be better if she had some apecials like debuffer or dispeller but I like her. Finally Magni, Bertila, Killhare and other fighter heroes will not be able to revive.And yes, probably it would not be such a big problem but Killhare is amazing hitter so let eliminate her talent. Last time in vf war she actually revive and her mana was full so yes, she killed my team. Also cleric and rouge, also monk and paladin talents can be very dangerous if you go with mana control heroes so yes, Lewena is worth it. She would make a nice team with my wolf family. I do not have so much choice or have some amazing heroes like Octros or Liz and also a lot of other players. Maybe she is not for top 100 players but for us others definitely is :blush::blush:.


I have always mentioned, if she blocks passives and family bonuses as well, she will be so much better.

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Monk talent can still resist her and she is raven family…

If you mean a Monk can resist this status ailment about “Blocking Talent Skills” then that is working as expected.
The special skill is about if this hero applies this status ailment on a hero and it is still on it, then it’s telent skill can not be activated.

So if a Monk hero gets this ailment, and you fire this hero again, then it can not resist getting this ailment again.

Got her during CoK:

She has gorgeous art, nicely animated special attack and she hurts a lot. Blocking talents is kinda niche but in VF I always contend with MN resisting Miki’s silence while Lewena can put an end to that business while dealing nice damage as well. She needs good teammates to get the best of her but that’s the point of this game anyway. She’s welcome addition in my roster.


I just wanted to come in here and say how much I underrated this hero, wrote her off. I got two copies as well and was bummed to be honest.

Then I faced her, wow. The damage alone is absolutely nuts. I’ll be leveling her immediately. Don’t sleep, find her in a raid defense, charge her up and watch the mayhem occur lol. Cheers!


Great to hear. I’ve got emblems and aethers waiting for mine.

She’s definitely pretty decent, maybe I speak from personal experience but since I rely on mana control/DoT a lot, if I lose a raid it’s often because of heroes resisting mana reduction/status effects and I couldn’t manage them before they’ve fired their special. Sometimes a reviving hero might also cause me a loss, but not as often unless they have their mana bar filled up

The OP has been updated with March balance changes.


Fast 260% AOE now. Are they serious?


Sure they are… instead of balancing the other heroes that are clearly OP why not instead make the 2 others OP as well so that stupid whales also chase them :roll_eyes:


And that’s with no drawback unlike c Lepus WTF. Greed of SG knows no bounds