:levero Xp Calculatojoy!


Made a quick xls for calculatinghjk


Got a ham cost calculator based on how many of which heros we feed which could show the ham break points easier than any other tool or info available now?

Nice work by the way! I just think the above suggestion could go hand in hand with the project you just finished

Example i have 3k ready feeders. Feeders = non issue. Hams = major issue


this can be done; and depends how you feed (before or leveling up); so would mean a roughly aproximation.

but overall a constant graphic can be made that should be a very good guideline.

p.s. next coming week is a resting one. :wink:


a xls with ham data for every tier-level would be much appreciated @BarryWuzHere :slight_smile:

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English isn t my native language but i think the good word is “color” not “colour”.


I can make a dropdown for everyone to choose their own :smile:


Hopefully this will work. I know you have XP already, but they were together. If you would rather use a formula for ham per level, it is pretty simple, goes up by a fixed increment each level, and ascension tier doesn’t matter.

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Britain/UK English: colour
American English: color

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blame my teaching system :slight_smile: although im from EU

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This info is Cool

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Ok ! I didn t know. I always see color but i work in informatic. Sorry all :smile:


Mariamne, your English is quite good for someone who doesn’t speak English as a first language. I am not trying to call you wrong, but only people from the USA say “color”, English people from the rest of the world spell it “colour”. I can speak a few languages imperfectly, but feel free to message me if you ever have a language question,or if you need a friend.


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