Levels&seasons progressions

Idea to that thread came in Level 100 club :100:.
Anyway purpose of this thread is to post weekly/monthly or however you want your progress of level and all seasons.
I couldn’t found any other thread like that, so that’s why I’m creating this one.
Why I’m creating this?
For the same reason for which hero working thread got created.
Okay, so anyone want to join me, go ahead, if not, fine too, I’ll do it for myself.
GL y’all!
Game Well :art:

Okay, so my first data, quoted from previously mentioned thread:

Will we post here our Teams, Highest titan attack, Highest tp etc.

Actually we can :smiley:
I’ll add this to the op later

I guess in a year I can get to 100 :rofl:

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Very cool idea!
Well, I’m almost finished with everything (Untold Tales too). I only need to finish S5 on both normal and hard (I play both at the same time) and after this I’ll dispair at the missions😅

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