Levels infos

Levels loot is random, but if I’m not wrong, the number of enemies to defeat and the XP you gain is fix, no?

Can’t these 2 infos, XP and monster, be write somewhere on the level page?

The number of enemies does vary as does the number of for instance red vs green vs blue. Not hugely, but it does vary.

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You can find the statistical average for each level here on Barry Farmz Guide:

I think the XP is fix

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Я хотел бы предложить позаимствовать плюх и из MythWars аналог этой игры можно что позаимствовать но не могу тему создать

FYI @19872812 English is the official language on the forum.

FYI @19872812 Английский - официальный язык на форуме.

I would like to suggest borrowing a splash and from MythWars an analogue of this game can be borrowed, but I can not create a theme

@moderators I think this poster wants to set up their own thread?

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