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Been on the rough side of a couple of hero level ups (more like 3-4 heros). At final tier with 43% and 49% chance of special increase you would except a more higher chance of gaining specials. But nope… all it did was boost me closer to max ascesion with still 5/8.
Could you make it less random please. Sometime you gain specials with just 25% but almost at full ascension 49% should be high enough for gains, this really bugs me out.
Not happy sacrificing Tibertus to Tibertus, 49% chance and not gaining anything. Come on…

I have skilled up recently on 2% and 4% (!). Traditionally I notice a skill up around 18-24%.

If your current method isn’t working, have you tried other options?

Btw, I have bad luck fully skilling up 3*…What * hero(s) are you trying to ascend?

EDIT: Have you read this?

Search “Skill up” here on the Forum for many more articles.

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Those are percentages. At 49% you have a less than 1 in 2 chance to level up the special. Making it “less random” would mean an entirely new way of levelling specials

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I know it is highly conservative, but I level almost every card only with 1* same color cards until I get to a point where I know I will meet max skill level based on where I plan on leveling them to. TC19 with enough hero slots makes this fairly easy to do, but on 3* and 5* you are only taking to 2/60 it’s the only pretty much foolproof way to get 8/8 by the time they hit max level.

Usually on a 4* to 3/60 of 5* to 3/70 I just rainbow it to get leveled up quick, though Gormek barely made it by 3/60.

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Same here, some of my 4* hero’s I have max 8/8 at tier 2… I have levelled up using just one colour 10x. Ranging from 12-50% I know you could go higher but I tend to not want to go soo high. But Seeing how it final Tier close to 50% should be a higher probability, just so the hero can reach 8/8 by max ascension. It a bit disappointing almost maxed out with still 5/8. Plus I feed Tiburtus to Tibertus already knowing id probably still won’t level upn specials…

If you can skill increase from 2% probability but not 50% then thats really random. I dont mind those odds at 1st, 2nd, or 3rd tier. But during 4th tier close to max. It’s too random. I have high probability I will max out not maxing specials

Yeah, I was really surprised. To be fair, I saw that 2% and 4% in the last two weeks. Don’t recall seeing it in the last ten months, though anything is possible (I might not have been paying attention, for example). :wink:

But it is not random. It is a percentage

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If you get a hero to full ascension without having maxed its special, you can continue to throw feeders at it to raise its special level. That’s what I had to do with by Brienne, who ended up at 6/8.

Your goal is to maximize the ratio: (Special Gain %) / Experience

1* same color: 2% / 180 = 11.1 (fudging units here)
1* off color: 1% / 150 = 6.7
2* same color: 4% / 468 = 8.5
2* off color: 2% / 390 = 5.1
1* on-color trainer: 2% / 1200 = 0.2
1* off-color trainer: 1% / 1000 = 0.1
2* on-color trainer: 4% / 1800 = 0.2
2* off-color trainer: 2% / 1500 = 0.1
3* on-color trainer: 6% / 3000 = 0.2
3* off-color trainer: 3% / 2500 = 0.1

So the best approach is to use only 1* same-color feeders. You reduce your odds some if you use 2* on-color or 1* off-color. You hurt it more using 2* off-color. Using trainers is a horrible idea if you’re trying to max the special.


I used 1 4*, 1 3* 4 2* 2 1*. At 49% chance. Sometime I get lucky with just 20% chance…

So your saying you feed all your heros @100%

It’s random. 12-20% chance is as likely to level up as 75%.

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I do with my 3*s now so i get their special (actually i usually do 98 or 99%)

A 12-20% chance is not as likely to level as 75%
Do you not understand how percentages work or are you accusing SPG of lying?

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just a clarification on this 1* same color gives 180 exp and off color is 150

Thanks; fixed.

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I actually had two skillup at 2% and 4% recently, so its possible at really low numbers too.

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I spent ages slowly building Zeline, saving green 1* to maximise my chances, and got her special up to 7 at about 2/50ish. I have the shields to ascend her and get that last jump, so I stopped bothering to take care leveling her. The next day I fed her a single green 1* and got that last point on the special.
OTOH I only got Morgan’s special to 4 by 2/60. I don’t think she likes me.

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How do you turn level 50 Heroes that are Max is there a way to level than higher

3* heroes cannot level beyond 3/50.

4* heroes can level to 3/60 without rare ascension items and to 4/70 with final ascension

5* heroes can level to 2/60 without rare ascension items, 3/70 with 3* rare ascension items, and 4/80 with 4* ascension items.

These are the maximum levels and cannot be exceeded with current game mechanics. 3* & 4* heroes cannot be raised to a higher star level so they are limited to levels 50 and 70 respectively.

Thank you but you’re going to think I’m a moron I have all my heroes Max but how do you know what original tier they are 345 * I don’t understand please elaborate thank you

The rating of a hero is the number of yellow stars under their name on the card in the roster.