Levelling up trainer heros?

So you get 1,2,3,4* trainer heros! Why can’t we level them up? Say from a 1* up to a 4*?? Why would anyone do that? Would you do that if the option is available?
As I’m stuck with no purple to level but got 3 purple trainers just sitting there at least I could feed them to make it stronger for someone in the future!?

Because you cant upgrade a 3* hero to 4* hero… and trainers come fully lvled so i dont see the point.


I’m thinking it’s more of away to put use my purple feeders as like you said a 3* can’t go to a 4*hero, but trainer heros you just feed. so it’s not the same really you can just make your trainer hero stronger down the line if you choose to!

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I’ve personally never understood why they even exist other than providing the extra XP when feeding them.

They really have no other use in the game.