Levelling Up Strategies and Team Suggestions


First post on here, seems like a great group. I have been playing for a couple of months now and spent more money then I probably should have on Gems

My Stronghold is currently Upgrading to Level 15 (2 days left) and my Tower is at Level 14. I am currently at Level 24 and I am in Season 1, Level 20 Doomspire.

I seem to be assembling a pretty good team of 4* hero’s. I have started Levelling up 5 of them and they are listed below. At first, there was no strategy for levelling up the characters below, they were simply the first 4*'s that I got so got the benefit of time to start gaining levels.

Tibertus, Purple, Ascension 3 , Level 21, Special Skill Level 6
Li Xiu, Yellow, Ascension 2, Level 15, Special Skill Level 3
Sonya, Blue, Ascension 2, Level 43, Special Skill Level 3
Kelile, Red, Ascension 2, Level 41, Special Skill Level 5
Wu Kong, Yellow, Ascension 2 , Level 25, Special Skill Level 8
Skittleskull, Green,Ascension 2 , Level 13, Special Skill Level 4

I am missing a good 4* Healer and am currently using Belith (Ascension 3, Level 33, Special Skill Level 5). I would also like a beefy tank but I am fine for now.

Aside from the 4* Hero’s that I am actively levelling up, I also have the following 4*'s;

Colen, Red
Scarlett, Red
Boril, Blue
Sonya, Blue (this is a duplicate that is not levelled up)
Cademon, Green

I have 5 decently levelled up 3* Hero’s which aside from Belith (Green Healer) I am not using;

Belith, Green, Ascension 3, Level 33, Special Skill Level 5
Renfeld, Purple, Ascension 3, Level 1, Special Skill Level 3
Bane, Yellow, Ascension 3, Level 1, Special Skill Level 3
Valen, Blue, Ascension 3 , Level 1, Special Skill Level 4
Azar, Red, Ascension 3 , Level 5, Special Skill Level 5

I have about 20, 3* Hero’s which I have not levelled up at all and at this point I don’t intend to use them at all but am open to sugguestions. I have multiples of some of the 3*;

Prisca, Purple
Isshtak, Green
Brienne, Green
Nashgar x 2, Red
Bane, Yellow (in triplicate, not levelled up)
Friar Tuck, Green
Hawkmoon, Red
Jahangir x 2, Red
Azar, Red (in triplicate, not levelled up)
Chochin, Purple
Valen, Blue
Ulmer, Blue
Karil x 2, Blue
Namahage, Red

I started by levelling up at random but have since gotten into a rhythm. I have three training centres one at Level 13 and the other two at level 11. To maximise resources, I choose the Cheap but Slow Hero option. I training a little over 120 Hero’s for levelling up and they will all be completed in 3.5 days. I am not in a huge rush and I am updating with the Hero’s that I get daily. I am now only Levelling up with 1* and 2* Hero’s using the same color’s to level up my 4*'s (Yellow with Yellow, Blue with Blue… etc). Occasionally I come across Trainer hero’s and I use them in the same way as above when I get them (Color, levels up same color)

This is obviously not the fastest way to level up a single Hero but I watched a video suggesting that it is the preferred way as it maximizes the potential for Maxing out your hero’s special skills. With the exception of one character (Wu Kong) this has not been my personal experience thus far.

1 - What are your thoughts/suggestions on how I am levelling up now ?
2 - What are your thoughts/experiences on using my 3* hero’s to level up ?
3 - What are your thoughts/experiences on using my 4* duplicate ‘Sonya’ to level up ‘Sonya’ ?
4 - Based on the hero’s listed above, do you have any suggestions on Titan Teams, Defense Teams and Attack Teams ?

Thanks for taking the time to help, cheers



First post for me too, been playing just over 3 months and have a similiar set up & character pool to what you have. In answer to your questions

  1. I’d consider having at least 1 barracks using swords/backpacks. It does depend on how much you play (and as you say your in no rush) but I think of time as being the 3rd resource. Swords can get you 12 hero’s and backpacks 4 in the same time it take to get 1 for extra low cost. What could happen is you end up with a long tail of characters building but no way of clearing the resource. The fact you can back out of training people at no cost means it’s low risk, may just be a pain cancelling down 100+ characters.

  2. Long term my plan is a pool of 30 characters for war (lv4+) and 7 lv3’s to use in events (so I’m covered for reflections etc). Right now I’m nearing a pool of 30 but its mostly lv3’s; plan to hang on to them until the 4’s come in. I have used 3’s to level in the past when I’ve had repeats and really they’re similiar to trainer hero’s, the one bonus is the 6% to skill chance they add. I’ve used them either to accelerate training of a character already on max skill or used it at the point a character is due to go into ascent and i’m struggling with specials e.g. only need 100 exp to ascend so I’ll plug in 9 lv2 and a 3 for 42% shot at raising skill (fine margins but that’s me…).

  3. I’d be interested on anyone’s opinion on this. Have the same question for Kashrekk (I’m green poor for 4’s and landed him twice)?

  4. I don’t have all those characters/not experienced enough to give a good answer here. If you’ve not seen it check out this link
    It should give you a good idea of how to put the teams together. I have Wu and he’s the 1st name on my teamsheet for any attacks (titan/raids/map).

Hope that helps and if someone can post re question 3 it’d be much appreciated.


Hey Mahoneyslaw

Thanks for the reply

Excuse my ignorance on this but I don;t understand what you mean by the following;

“I’d consider having at least 1 barracks using swords/backpacks.”

Can you expand on what you mean with the above ?



I believe he meant 1 training camp not 1 barracks.


I assumed the same about how he used the word ‘barracks’, the part I am confused about is the “using swords/backpacks” bit.

How does one use swords and backpacks to make heroes ?

I am newish to the game so I am probably missing some very basic terminology.


Swords and backpacks are used in training levels 1 for swords and 2 for backpacks. and recruits.


Hi Rob

Yes as people said above by barracks i meant training camp; mixing terminology from another game.


Newbie: What caused you to drop Brienne? Next my reading and research show the maximum affect of Trainers is just as you are leveling up. I haven’t found a way yet to feed and use the trainer at the same time but it worked well for me to ascend and then immediately level up . it gave me five. Now before you go off remember :sunglasses: Newbie.


My error not Brienne - Bane!


Based on your available heroes:

  1. Drop building Skittleskull. Build Caedemon instead.

  2. You could consider doing the same for Colen/Kelile, but that’s less of an issue.


3 star good…4 star better…aarrrrrrr!! lol! Seemed like a logical decision at the time. I still have a reasonably built up Bane.


I had stopped feeding SKittleskull at the time of my first post. I was trying to max out my only healer…which since my last post, I have since done. I am now building Caedemon.

Still hoping to pull a strong healer…I am hoping for one of the following; Boldtusk, Rigard, Kiril, Sabina or Melandor.


Ok apologize bit I’m very new at this game but I am wondering how to level up my defensive team could you give me any pointers?


A few comments regarding your questions.

About your leveling…From the current levels of your 4* heroes you are at mid-level and my guess is at some point you will reach 3-60 (3 chevron level 60) on many of those heroes and youll be stuck waiting on non-farmable ascension mats. Instead, I would suggest finishing your 3s, perhaps make a 2nd or 3rd rainbow 3 team, which you can use for color-stacking, which will make your raids easier and titan scores better. THEN, come back to ur 4*s, ascension mats built up, and max them.

On your second question about using 3* heroes to level up…sure, but have them be dups or ones you know you’ll never want to max.

Concerning using Sonya to max a skill level…I mean, yeah, I guess so. But I’ve RARELY had a 4* that wasn’t 8/8 by 3-60, and have NEVER seen a full 4-70 at anything other than 8/8.

And to your last…there are a ton of different team constructs, but it starts with having the available, preferably fully-leveled, heroes to pull it all off. You have many good heroes that I’ll leave to others to classify and organize. Best of Luck :smiley:


Thanks, because I am no where near the beginning of this strong. Nice way to let us known we’re not crazy.


How does one tell when their next level up is? For refilling topping up world energy


Look at your avatar on the main page. Under the avatar is a bar that grows left to right as your exp grows. Tap on the avatar and you will get a detail of what percent you have filled and a number you have to bring down to zero.

Pls come to alliance Troll Akademi and I will give the full lesson. No commitment necessary.


You may covered this, however, after reading I’m still alittle lost. I’m new to E&P. I have 3 star Bane at ascension 2, level 15 and I just got 4 star Li Xiu. Would I continue to level Bane or star leveling Li Xiu?

Feedback before making this official... Speed Levelling

Hi, I’ve moved your post over to a thread that’s a little more on point to your question.

Congrats on getting Li Xiu. 4* heroes are the backbone of every team (at least until you get very far along, like 14 months from now). So she will eventually be important.

Each tier of hero (3*, 4*, 5*) takes geometrically more feeders/hams/ascension materials to develop. It’s important to get a solid team ASAP to give you strength to (a) hurt titans seriously and (b) complete at least the fourth stage of Rare Quests to get the rare ascension materials there.

So my simple guideline is this:

  1. Build a solid team of quality 3* heroes first. Bane is definitely a quality 3* and worth finishing. Take a look at (Guide) Anchor's Complete Guide to Hero Grades to see who the “quality 3*” heroes are.
  2. Build out from your 3* team to build a “double rainbow” 4* – two of each color. This allows you remove the weak color for each titan, e.g. exclude green heroes when up against a red titan.
  3. Salt in quality 5* heroes to add “sizzle” to your 4* team’s “steak”. 5* heroes use a gob-smacking amount of feeders and lots of exceedingly rare ascension materials, so don’t rush to bring these guys on line. Make sure you’ve got a good team first and then a 5* hero worth the effort.


Thank you! This definitely helped!