Levelling up ss on maxed heroes

The odds are highly in your favour yet 60% level up 4 times in a row doesn’t increase the heroes special once?! It’s almost as ridiculous as Wu and Ranvirs miss rate against titans that seems more like 95% than the actual figure. The game is becoming a joke.

Hiya, first off, 60% isn’t really “highly” in your favour… Slightly for sure but not highly.

Easiest way of maxing out the SS is to just take it up to 80-100%… Then it’s highly in your favour :wink: plus it’s less wasted feeders cause you avoid the 60% failure ones lol

As for this bit maybe join this appreciation thread:

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Haha I know it isn’t massively high but 60% chance 1 in 4 should 100% have worked they just it’s just ■■■■■■■■

Are we talking about leveling special skill when not max ascended because lack of ascension mats? Since most 4* and 5* heroes usually have full ascension on SS anyways before reaching max stats to reach the Talent Grid?

Edit: Also, this sounds like a topic for Ideas & Feature Requests or General Discussion, not a Bug & Issues topic. @zephyr1 @JonahTheBard

No more the 3* costumes because they max so quickly I often gave 4/5 out of 8 and then have to waste loads of heroes to the last few levels

I agree it would be frustrating if, at a 60% chance, the special fails to move up 4 consecutive times. It feels like the odds weren’t in your favor, but this is a possible result. If your hero is fully maxed but the special, I’d note it only takes 10-1*, 5-2*, or combination thereof for a 100% chance of feeding the same color. I usually play the odds at 70%-80%. Good luck.


It’s just similar to rolling four ones in a dice game. Rare but not uncommon.


Then hold onto your same color heroes and feed accordingly to reach 100% probability on SS leveling:

1*=10% (or 10 same color 1* feeders)
2*=20% (or 5 same color 2* feeders)
3*=30% (or 3 same color 3* feeders to get 90% w/single 1* feeder to get to 100%)

You will never fail to level the special at 100% probability.

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