Levelling up heroes

When we are levelling up heroes why is it capped at 10 a time??
Why cant we feed 30 heroes at a time or as many or little as we want to.
10 a time takes forever and somewhat frustrating to keep going back and click another 10 victims to feed.

Also why does it take so many troops to level up a hero, its very slow and takes alot of troops, too many I think.

When fighting in a tournament where there is a certain tile colour not allowed i.e Red, there should not be any red (or whatever tile colour is not allowed) tiles on the board when fighting. Whatever colour is not allowed there seems to be lots of that colour tiles which is useless, frustrating & annoying.


I’m sure this has something to do with the tiered cost of feeding heroes. If you could feed 30 at a time (or more) you’d be feeding at a lower cost for 15-20 levels (just guessing… obviously depends on hero star and what tier you’re on)

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The hero gets guaranteed Skill Improvement with 25 2* on-color feeders. Every hero levelling would be a breeze. That’s what the devs not intented to implement.

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