Levelling up Heroes Bug

When going to level up heroes, when you click on the hero that you want to level up you are typically directed to the place that you were previously in the list.

Now, instead of going to the place that you were previously in the list (usually the bottom) you are directed to the top of the list.

As far as I can tell, this only occurs once, after you have been out of the game for a while then reverting to taking you to the place in the list that you were previously, thereafter.

Not an overly important bug, but I thought it would be worth pointing out.

As far as I know, when you log in the game, the system has refreshed. And when you go to the Heroes page to level certain heroes, clicking a hero for it to be leveled, the selection always goes to the heroes on top (usually grayed out or dimmed), and you will have to scroll down to get to the feeder heroes, which usually are not grayed out since most of your important heroes are either designated to certain teams or locked thus making them ineligible to be used as feeders. If you leave that Heroes page to do some farming or raiding or what not, and subsequently wanted to level some heroes more by reason that you have acquired feeder heroes when farming in some maps, you click the hero again to be leveled and the selection will promptly go to the bottom part of your roster, making you see those feeders eligible for feeding.

But when you log out and later on log in again, you will be repeating the abovementioned process. I think that is what always happen. I dunno what bug you are referring to.

The bug that I am referring to, is the fact that up until recently (past few days) the default has been to head to the bottom of the hero table regardless of whether I have logged in recently or not - it now reverts to the top of the list.

On the path to Valor i can’t level of one troop so that I can collect the points for that
It’s happened SEVERAL TIMES which has cost me points needed for the rewards
I don’t understand why this happens when you do what it says and this is the only way to get help and no answer is forthcoming
What are the reason? Tell me what steps are needed to level up a troop

Level up a troop means boosting the level of any troop by one.

If you have (for example) a 2star red troop that requires 700XP to level up from level 11 to level 12, then you need to feed enough number of troops to raise your 2star red troop by 700XP so that troop levels up. Do that and you will get the valor points.

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