Levelling stronhold


What level do I need my iron storage at to reach sh 20. I have 5 storage’s.


Lvl 18 if I remember correctly :slight_smile:


All at level 18 to get SH20.


Stronghold Level 20 costs 1969000 iron.
5 iron storages level 18 provide 1970000. Just enough.
Only Barracks level 10 cost more (2068000 iron) and need more upgrade for iron storages.


Amazing! Thanks all.


I’m at SH8 all at lvl 7 and only have 4 iron storages, at which SH can I get another mine and mine storage?
And how many mines do I actually need to have to flow at a good pace without getting stuck.
Cost-wise is there a significant cost difference from pushing to get to SH20 without leveling farms, mines, and food storage?.. than waiting to level them out till I get to SH20?

Trying to figure out if it’s real progress to push to SH20 if I may end up not having the ham to start using tc to pull 5* heroes… which is the whole point of rushing to SH20

So many questions… just trying to get it right in a good efficient way
Thanks in advance if anyone can help


This shows all the benefits you get at different stronghold levels:


As a practical suggestion, you’ll be a lot happier if you spend some time levelling up other things like your forge. The items that it produces, like bombs, axes, healing potions, and the like will really help you get ascension materials. Those items are invaluable for killing titans and competing in seasonal events and the challenges, which is where free ascension mats come from.

Take your time, level up things like your farms and food storage along with your iron. I think you’ll find you enjoy the game more that way than if you push as hard as you can to SH20.


I pushed getting my stronghold to 20. I just finished it a few days ago. It took me just over 3 months of playing. (Maybe 4?) If you are leveling up a training camp to the same level as you go, it becomes a requirement to push other buildings up too. Such as your food storage capacity in order to research the different tc levels.


Thanks so much! I’m following your advice and not rushing to SH20, enjoying the game step by step instead, although I can’t wait to get more heroes!