Levelling bug

I levelled Perseus to 68 (last tier) and at 67 he was within a 1* off color of levelling. Dropped 10 yellow and blue (mix of 1 and 2*) heros and he is only 176 into his next level. 2nd time this has happened. Ticket submitted

That’s worrying. Are you using this latest version released today? (so I don’t update)

No I was on 1.9.6 build 512. SPG asked me to update and I have. They are investigating

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Upon further inspection this was my goof. I threw a couple 3* heros in and didn’t realize I went from 66 to 68- two levels


Shall I close the thread, Talisax? :slight_smile:

Yes please. My error

Closed at OP’s request.

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