Leveling up while inactive

I just made it to level 15, to while my phone was off, and didn’t receive any of the added perks that come with it. It’s November 24, 8:27 am Eastern standard when I noticed this. Here is how it must have happened.l stopped playing when I was very close to earning enough experience to level from 14 to 15. I believe I was raided during the inactive time and gained enough experience to advance. I was not able to claim any of the accompanying items and was never given the chance to, the system status stated I made level 15, that was all. None of my energy ( world/raid/Titan) replenished either,as it does when leveling up. I was frustrated as I look forward to every bit of supplies needed to advance, this game is based on such. I would appreciate some type of compensation for the glitch and hope it can be fixed soon

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I would submit a ticket. You don’t get exp for raids so it shpuld be impossible to level up when not on

Wow! This is different. I myself have brought my level to the edge of levelling up so many time, just to keep it there long enough (sometimes for as much as 2 days) in order to have 6 consecutive hits against a stronger Titan the moment he appears. This way, alliance energy starts rebuilding right away, and we get the maximum hits possible on a Titan - without the benefit of alliance energy flasks, of course. Never have I been levelled-up while not on.

That said, I did notice 1 time before when I was playing, levelled-up, and got no notification of having levelled-up, received no free summon token, and no particular items either. It may have been at the same 14->15 stage… …I can’t recall for sure. All I can say is: I haven’t seen this happen again since [ and I’m at level 26 now ].

I never considered the idea of reporting the issue. In the grand scheme of things, I don’t think it would really make a difference anyway. I have found out since that odds are so heavily against us (or at least me), that an extra token is not likely to have made 1 bit of difference to my play. I recently spent $ to get gems and attempt to get a 4 or 5* hero during the last event (the Pirates), using the 10X summons, and got none! Just got a whole bunch of 3* hero duplicates, all of which I already had.

Also, in my alliance, some of us started saving the tokens collected from quests, chest missions and levelling up, collecting on only the actual “free” summon on a daily basis. I managed to resist the temptation of using those tokens until I had accumulated 30 of them. When I finally used them, only got 1 and 2* heroes or troops. Not a single 3* hero or troop!

I’m not telling you you shouldn’t report the bug. Somebody probably should. I’m just giving you a glimpse of my experience in this game that might help you decide if it is worth your time and effort for the sake of: 1 token, world/raid/alliance energy refills (that are usually fully refilled in 12 hours or less anyway), and a couple of gems.

Just my 2 cents worth.

Whatever you decide to do: Be sure to remember to have fun and enjoy yourself.

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It just happened to me going from level 35 to level 36. I was farming Zalthu 1 for XP to level up, it must have happened in mid battle. I will send a ticket, and let you know what response I get.

It would be good if you sent a ticket too.

Here is a quick link to Game Support:


You may wish to refer to this thread in your report to them, so they can see it’s not just you (copy/paste; remove the _ symbol at the beginning):


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