Leveling up special skill unfair

Seven times in a row now, I’ve had 40% chance to to level up and not once did it happen. This is blatantly unfair. Just wondering about your experience.

Update. 10 and counting. Caedmon is resisting as heck. I’m in an infinite loop. Haha.

I’ve failed at 98% and succeeded at 2%… so it really is just random.

The good news is, with the semi-recent update where they made max-level heroes get 5x special gain, you don’t have to worry about ending up wasting resources at the end of an unlucky run.


Well there was a 60% chance you wouldn’t level up the skill…lol. Devils advocate there but really, it sucks when that happens however it does happen. To everyone at some point. I like to switch it up then and try it with 2%-6% chance a few times and it somehow works quite often. It’s just chance, like most of this game.


Sorry for your frustration. It is not unfair, but it can sure feel that way. My one and only Kashhrek was much like this. He took forever to finally get his skills. I know for a fact that he went through the first 3 chevrons only receiving skills based on the ascention. I nearly fed him to Graymane for his insolence. But, he finally came around toward the middle of the 4th tier. If they make it to the max, it is much easier than it used to be to get their skills up.


Just be grateful they updated so that once hero is maxed, if their skill isn’t maxed, you have 5x better chance to raise skill.

Before, so many broken maxed 3* with skills 5/8, 6/8, or 7/8.

So if you fully ascend and max your hero, now you do not have to worry about raising skills as much.


Thx for the info. I did not know that.

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I ready try 1 at a time instead of 10. I’ll try that also. Thank you.

I was about to eat Caedmon with Mariana I was so frustrated. Haha.

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I get to 8/8 with 10% chance per feeding

May take up to 2 or 3 ascensions to get there, but i dont worry about leveling the skill, it happens at some point. Will say the lower the % rate, the lower the xp gain, the more chances you have to increase the level up

A lot of times in this game, more chances trumps higher chances


You are right. Random with somehow the AI knows what you need most. Haha.

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You’re welcome. We all get frustrated with this at one point, especially with 3* heroes, but it’s definitely better than it was.


Even before update you were able to continue feeding if the hero was maxed but their special wasn’t. The update only increased probability of special skill level up when the hero is maxed.
I did that with Melia. Wasted many yellow feeders to bring her special to 8/8 when she already was at 3.60. Her skill is pretty much unique amongst 3*s and very useful in challenge events.

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I enjoy maxing special skills, that I consider the key part of leveling, mostly same color 1* feeders 20% chance works well for me. But there are some that will prove stubborn anyway, I will continue to level , sometimes 15%, 18%, 22% and the skill will eventually level up.


Is all seven 40% chance?.. that’s hurt…

I had very bad luck when levelling Ameonna… more than 10 times in a row but the chance are only around 30%, not 40%…

Then I got very good luck on Gobbler and Caedmon, they reached 8/8 while still around level 2/20…


Well, that could be the reason!
Regardless of common, uncommon, rare, epic or legendary hero feeders, always use a same element feeders.
Ie: 10 Marjana will not increased Caedmon’s special because it was of fire element to nature. You may get up to 40% chances but the odd is very low.
I have had done that before but it doesn’t works. Feeding up to six or seven 3 * of different elements to a different element 4 * for about 13 times with zero result. It does shoot up the hero’s hp level but not the special.
Once you reach stage 8 special, it could be of any element to speed up the maxing proccess.

This is incorrect. A 40% chance is a 40% chance. It doesn’t matter what combination of heroes in what colors you use to arrive at that chance.

The only difference in using off-color feeders is the only add half as much to the chance of special level as using on-color feeders. But that is visible directly in the percentage shown.


Off color feeding

Also you lose 16% of the Hero XP.

Ascension Items

If you do not have enough 3* / 4* ascension items, than using same color heroes when leveling increases chance of 8/8 by 3* 3.50, 5* 2.60 and 4* 3.60

List of Leveling links ( linky, linky)


I’ve failed on 85 % and succeeded on a ridiculous 14% or was it 9% …

Honestly , it’s just bad luck at times or good favour.

Also they have made leveling skills easier now with recent versions so don’t be discouraged.


I leveled up a Khagan to 2/60. All the way to 2/1 I fed him only 1* reds and 10 at a time, so 20% chance each feeding. Not once did his special go up. So at 2/1 he was at special level 2. At that point I thought “screw it” and just fed him whatever reds I pulled whenever (1* and 2*).

Now he’s 2/60 and his special is at level 8.

Go figure.

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Thanks for the clarification.
That was from me experimenting at the the earlier stage of playing. By using same color feeding with average about 26% chances. I usually managed to max the special on most of my 4 * heroes at level 2 - 0, with the exception of Rigard’s which maxed at 2 - 30.
Using off colors does not yield the same results. Perhaps, just a coincidence. I will stick to my method though.


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