Leveling up heros, too many healers, what to do?

At the moment I am currently building up a set of 30 heros

My current rainbow attack/def team is
Left to Right
Valen 3/50+6 (3* blue)
Rigard 3/60 (4* purple)
Kashrek 3/60 (4* green)
Boldtusk 4/56 (4* red, to be maxed soon)
Bane 3/50+6 (3* yellow)

Additional 4+ Heros not leveled yet
Gormek (4* red, low level)
Obakan (5* purpole, low level)

At the moment this team includes 3 healers, while nice, it feels like I am lacking sniping power. While Valen and Bane do their job well and with color stacking am able to manage around 2900-3100 region fairly well.

I think a future attack team will probably include only two healers, where Rigard/Boldtusk seems preferable. Should I save the mats and don’t up Kashrek? On the other side who knows when I get another 4*/5* green.

The following ascension mats are currently at my disposal:
3 compass
3 fine gloves
3 orbs
4 winter coats
3 traps
4 sturdy shields

This means soon I could probably up a 4*/5* purple (Rigard or Obakan), 4blue (don’t have), 4yellow (don’t have), 4*green (Kashrek)

Since just got the 4th shield i am questioning whether I should up Kashrek or wait until I get a better hero, since I consider Boldtusk and Rigard better healers. Boldtusk could serve as my tank, if I put emblems on it.

At the moment I am not focussing on Obakan, not sure if he would be an improvement to the team at 3/70, that why I would rather up Rigard.

Other 3* at my disposal used depending on the defending team:
2nd Bane
Friar Tuck

I am mostly f2p, currently SH17 running TC13 working on getting SH20/TC20 in a couple of weeks.
I am focussing to get another 4blue/4yellow to replace Valen/Bane as ascension mats for those are almost there.

Today I managed to beat Epic Challenge after various tries, last level was really hard as I am lacking survivaliblity with the stacked 3* (att team used: Valen, Boldtusk, Gato, Rigard, Greymane).

Any recommendations appreciated, Thank you

As a proud owner of 11 healers and planning to max more, I don’t think there is never too many healers. More the merrier, and it is good to be able to choose the one who suits best for your team, event or opposite team.

Should they all be used simultaneously, is another thing.

For your attack team I would probably choose Gormek instead of Kashhrek. G works nicely with Boldtusk and helps your snipers hit more effectively.

Your three star heroes are also a lively group, there are several good ones that will help you gain materials to raise future four stars. With three star raid tournaments etc they can be valuable in events, tournaments and wars.

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