Leveling up Heroes

What do you do when you can’t level up or ascend your hero’s anymore? keep using them and working on other hero’s?


Some people work on one at a time, some work on one for each colour.

Some jump from one shiny new toy to the next!

Whatever your style, pick your next best and keep going.

Unless you have the capacity to stack up feeders in your training camp and wait for a new favourite

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Total newb question…

How do you stack up in a TC?

If you keep adding to the training queue before it finishes, you can stock several - potentially hundreds - of heroes in there.

It’s easiest to do with camp level 11 or maybe 4.

Very serious players stock up hundreds of feeders and then use them on new 5* heroes to max them in days.

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Here’s how to do it, but don’t worry about it if you’re new!

Just for future reference

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Click the + button:


The answer is TC13…20 character

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