Leveling Up Bug


I am on version 1.4.1 build 357. Today, I have Sharan fully ascended and at Max level. Her special skill is only at 6 of 8. The UI says that I can only level her up to increase her special skill, however when I do this the Level Up button is disabled.

Please fix.

Leveling up special skill
Cannot increase Skill when waiting on Ascension Items

They’ve got you covered, should be fixed in the next update:


I can not level up Sharon’s special skill and others who have maxed out their heroes can’t either just wondering when this issue will be fixed, kinda afraid to level up heroes for fear I may max out and not be able to level up special skill.


It was bug where u can up skill, when your character done full lvl. Now it’s reaperied.
It’s making game more realistic. Hero with maks. skills is more valuable.


That’s dumb they need to fix this.


This is a known issue, and they are working to fix it. click here for a list of bugs that Small Giant is smashing. Several of them have been resolved already.
Keep an eye out for Petri to update the linked post as things are fixed.


Oks my mistake I was thinking that support repaired fix that’s why u can’t lvl up skills.


Update 1.4.2 is out! the levelling bug has been smashed!!


Can anyone link me to what Sharans Special Ability stats are for each level?


At the least, here is her final special. The previous levels will just all be lower than the final form:


Thank you! I can get an average using this. Such disappointing stats tho. :frowning:


Sharan is only level 1. Let’s compare her to a level 4 healer: