Leveling up 5*

I have some good level 4* heroes and now I also have Sartana/Grazul and Justice maxed. I pulled Magni and Gregorion and Drake Fong, and I have Khagan at 3/63. I won’t be able to ascend him though. Should I start working on Magni/Gregorion/Drake knowing it will take a lot of time before I can ascend them? I also have a second Caedmon/LJ/Tibertus/Sonya/Li/Chao/Grimm/Kashh/. I ascended Lancelot so he needs to be leveled to 70.

I am missing mats to level up second 4* and I have some 3* I want to level for events like Pris/Renfeld/Gill-ra and By-ulf.

The second question is about my troops. I missed up there using my 3* to level up the 4*.
Currently as it stands I have these troops:downloads (1) downloads (2) downloads (3) downloads (4) downloads (5)

How do I proceed with leveling up my troops in a better way?

For the troops: only level the mana ones, bringing the first rainbow set to lv23 is a good strategy.
Try to level them by almost reaching the next level and gather 10 of their color to cut food costs by leveling a troop of a lower level.

I would level your 5* up to 3.70 and wait while I would wait for materials but I would say to level a hero for every color giving more importance to the ones you could actually push to their maximum level.

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Please don’t Level Prisca and Renfeld, they aren’t very good

I assume you are early game. Concentrate on getting a good three star roster, then four star roster. Troops can wait


I have been playing for a year now, hence the break for a few months. I am in a very casual alliance with 5/6 titans.

Yes, I would start leveling to 3.70, before leveling duplicate Caedmon/LJ/Tibertus/Sonya/Li/Chao/Grimm/Kashh.

IMO Prisca is underwhelming even with the costume (I’m not sure, just theory though).
Renfeld is also not so good, but Costume Renfeld is great like mini Onatel, Gill-Ra is good for tourney not for event.

Here is a good way to priority which mana troop to level depend on our roster.

Here is also great troop guide: Troop Guide and Levelling Suggestions
TDLR; what I did for event/turney:
2* troop on each color:

  • 1x lvl 4 defense troop (def +11%) for tank turney
  • 1x lvl 4 attack troop (att +12%)
  • 4x lvl 2 attack troop (att +11%)

So this way, we can easier and almost auto select troop for turney/event, because leveled troop on the top.

3* troop, I’m not leveling if there are 4* troop on color as I think it need more resources, and somehow we usually have some leveled since waiting 4* troop.

4* troop, I priorities mana to level 11 for very fast heroes, and level 5 for costume avarage heroes. And level 23 for long-term.


Thank you, this is great info!

Better don’t waste your mats not on Khagan. He is not really good anyway. Unless you are ftp and don’t have any chances to get a better red five star any time soon.


Actually Renfeld costume is pretty good and should not be too hard to get.

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I think you’ve gotten good advice.

I will add (or slightly contradict) it with this.

I second the advice to halt efforts with Khagan. If you have no other reds to level, get him to 3.70 and then cross your fingers for a better red. Lancelot is good, and slightly better with the recent re-balance.

I would also say do not invest in a second Li Xiu, Little John, or Kashhrek. Sonay, Grimm, and Caedmon are all worth a double.

I agree that Renfeld with costume is good for tourneys, including the current Guardians. Without the costume, he’s not worth it. I didn’t see anyone comment on Gill-Ra, but I’m a fan. She dispells status ailments even in bloody battle tourneys which is a big plus. She’s slow, but I have her as a tank so she firres, and am pleased with that.

Troops: such a hard thing because they require so many materials. I agree with the advice given to focus on mana troops. But I like tournaments, including three-star tourneys, so it may make sense to put some materials in your lower troops just to make a go of those tourneys, if you care about that. As I said, I really enjoy the tourneys, so I don’t regret that investment.

Good luck

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I love Little John. Is he better with a costume? I have a few I need to level up with a costume naming: Little John,Belith, Renfeld, Bane, Brienne,Berden. Hawkmoon has a level costume. Currently I am levelling Gill, and have put my mats into Lancelot to get him to max. Khagan is 70 now.

As for levelling up: I am tempted to start on my 5* but, because Grimm, Sonya and Caed are all worth a double I feel levelling them up first before doing the Magni and Gregorion.

As for the troops, I am still not sure how to take that approach. Stop levelling my level 4 troops and doing level 3* first or the other way around. I don’t get enough troops to do both, plus the amount of food it takes.

I recommend to have a look at this thread: Costumes... Whats the Point? Which is Better?
@Guvnor made a very useful comparison for all heroes with costumes.

Don’t waste any ressources on 3* troops at all. I regret doing that so much now. I can just advise to save all troops until you receive a 4* (mana) troop… and if that takes more than a year!

EDIT: The way I do it currently: I stop feeding 1* troops to my 4* troops above level 10 to save ham and rather level a second troop of that colour with the 1* feeders.

Just keep five unleveled 2* troops and 3* troops of each colour and lock them for challenge events and raid tournaments.