Leveling troops advice

I would like some advice on leveling troops. I am level 16 and still working on my first team Bane,Layla, Tyrum and Hawkmoon. I found a post that suggested to focus on Stronghold, Mine storage and TC. As leveling up is very costly on food I was wondering what the best approach is?

Some great reading here


Thanks! I’ll have a read.

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Leveling heroes is a costly thing that is best done once you get the right ones. Keep developing your army and don’t rush story mode, you can safely stay in the Season1 7.4 to fill up your chest while waiting for the right moment.

Focus on 3* heroes and on gathering resources, you can use them to complete tournaments and quests.

Powering up Stronghold, iron & food storages, mines & farms and training camps until you get to training camps lv11. Many players use them to train heroes at a cheap cost and can serve as recruit storage.

here some useful links for new players:

Thanks! Can I ask why 7-4? Most of what I read is 8-7?

8-7 is best

Of course you can! As season1 maps with 3 flags cost 7.4 is the level with the most monsters to fill up your chest while 8.7 is the one wich gives the most loot rolls and resources :v:


Do not level troops until your Stronghold is at least level 20, and your player level above 30.
Try to do the following:

Bring Stronghold and 1 TC to lvl. 20
Start lvl.20 training, but do not level any 5* hero yet!
Bring a forge at least to lvl.12 and build bombs.

Use bombs and axes to beat the weekly rare quest to get the 4* ascension mats.

Try to beat the rare and epic part of the monthly challenge event to win unfarmable 3* mats and more emblems.

Try to win as many dtages innthe omega quests as possible.
Limit break your best 3* heroes once.

Start leveling 4* heroes after you have at least 15 maxed 3* heroes, and all the necessary mats to fully ascend them. Yo will need a Glove and a compass for every 4* hero (for 5* too). Now add 4 warm capes (ice) or 4 magic orbs(holy) or 4 trap tools (purple) or 4 hidden blades (fire) or 4 sturdy shields ( nature).

Now you have a lot to do and to read,

Happy gaming

Play the first two levels of every Class trial and use the emblems to strengthen your 3* team.


That is awesome information. I really appreciate that!. Glad to hear I can wait until my SH is at 20. To be honest, I have not leveled my forge much and fully concentrating on my SH/Mine/Food storage and leveling the heroes that I have. So far I am enjoying the game.

Don’t forget about a TC, helps a lot too

Yes!. I am also leveling up a TC to 13.

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