Leveling stronghold

I was wondering what opens with the leveling of the strongholds. I am at a level 7 stronghold and have 5 food producers and only 2 for ore/steel. Is it a random thing or will I get more ore/steel producers?

At level 8 you will get 4 extra allotments, one for farm and mine, plus two extra buildings.

I thought that’s how it would be for every time you open an area. It only gave me food and storage though. Thank you for responding. Only been playing a few days and was told to come here and ask if I had questions.

When you get to stronghold 20 you will end with 9 farm, 4 mine, 4 foodstorge, 5 ironstorge, 4 træning camp, 4 forge and 4 house. And 1 of the buildings will nr convert to a barracks. ( you can read about on forum)

Hi Grandal,
Here is a screenshot of what slots / buildings opens up at certain specific lvls of stronghold as you progress in the game. Courtesy Coppersky Compendium. Thanks to her :+1:

You can check out the original full document here in the link below for more useful info. Good luck :grinning:


The choices you’re given for new plots of land are kind of an illusion; it doesn’t really matter what choices you make so don’t sweat it.


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