Leveling Strategies - What makes the most sense?

Okay, this may be something I’m missing between the ears, but as an intermediate VC2P player (not quite to 4k for my strongest team) I am getting confused:

Example: I’m doing the right thing, waiting for 10 1*/2* heroes to level up my keepers, but then a new 3* Holy (we’ll say Bertulf) comes into the fold. I’m currently leveling Griffin and have him at 4/1. Do I stop my efforts on Griffin, who I’m looking forward to helping out with Li Xiu (my only leveled 4* Holy) and start pumping up Bertulf to join my leveled Poppy and Bane (I also have Sally waiting as well).

Bottom line - should you finish a hero and then move on, or drop down for an easier and welcome hero?

It would be an brainer if I hadn’t already invested in the 4*s, yet I don’t want to be my own glass canon in the wars with only one or two competitive teams before I’m just trying to do clean-up…

Thanks for the time you took to read this.

Start a hero finish a hero. Jumping from hero to hero leads to lots of unfinished heroes that don’t help accomplish your goals. Shiny new Pennys drive up your costs.


If your just levelling them two… Griffin and Bertulf…
I’d give all non holy too Griffin and all the holy to bertulf…
Maybe post some screen shots of yah roster and others can guide yah… :+1:

I 100% believe it’s worth it to reevaluate your plans. Anything else is essentially sunk cost.

If you pull alfrike, mother north, ruby, or other top heroes, is there anyone that will say “nah I gotta finish this Muggy”?

If they were both 1/1 who would you work on? Even now, does leveling the current hero crest more short term value?

Griffin is a fine hero. If you level him to 4/70 what will you be able to do that you won’t be able to do at 4/1? Can you already beat trials? Can you win raids? How do you do in tournaments? Do you have thirty heroes for war? Griffin is a fine hero, but he’s far from irreplaceable. I don’t have one and I’m not missing much.

Getting bertulf to 3/50 will be quicker than finishing Griffin. He’ll definitely improve your titan game. I believe titans are a top source of ascension mats for early players. I’d much rather have him.

I disagree with the post below. I do finish most heroes because it’s “neat”. But I’d never not shift priority to a better hero.


I suppose in all honesty it depends on what you need most in your roster and what you focus on more in the game.
I normally pick a hero of each colour, allocate them into a “team” and level them at the same time based on who I need most, who I will use most, what special skill do I need, how many emblems could I give them and would I limit break them.
So as an example with my roster Costume Sabina was finally being levelled and along came Treevil. So I jumped to the 3* and finished him first, mainly because I enjoy the raid tournament. So in your shoes I would probably leave Griffin and shift to finish Bertulf first.
What I will say is that In this game you constantly need to change ….
Good luck


some good points raised already…

another is, how/where do you get your feeders? how many training camps do you have to churn out feeders? how many backpacks/swords/rugged clothes? how are your farms, how much food do you produce/earn a day?

Pausing Griffin to level Bertulf may make sense if you can finish Bertulf in a few days… but can you?


@Mcblood would have different thoughts…:wink:

But its All good advice given above folk are here to help :+1:


I am leveling across the board, typically working a 4* up on each color. I have at least 2 3*s leveled in each. I’ve attached the relevant portion of my roster.

I am possibly old fashioned with this, but I always advise players to max out 3 x 3* in each colour, followed by 4 x 4* in each colour before working on any 5* heroes.
The 3* and 4* heroes will win you the mats to progress



I have a lot of unfinished heroes

I prioritize by my current needs


Which will get me more loot quicker ( see notes )


Level Wu Kong as soon as you get Wu Kong unless you already have a 5* 4.80+ Mega Damage Multiplier


Which will fill a gap quicker


I stopped Caedmon at 4* 3.60 because I prefer Melendor zero damage dispell versus counter attack

But I stopped my second costume Brienne when I got Caedmon’s costume because the costume gives me a fast 4* green cleanse


Click for notes

Loot to get loot

Synergistic heroes

Teams, Level 2*+ and Level 1*



Purple fin ingolf then rigard then adryn
Yellow fin wu then Griffin then bert
Red fin scarlet then rudloph then gormek
Green fin Mel shurb then cad then buddy
Blue fin sonya then frosty then grimm.

Gives bit of balance between 3-4*


Posted roster I think reinforces what I said earlier. Several heroes that you will use, started but not finished. If you took all of the invested resources across your started/in process blues for example, you would have at least one, possibly more at max level.

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I agree 100%

20 quoted Resource management characters


I am exactly in your situation, so I cannot give you advice from above, I can just tell you what I do :slight_smile:
I try to finish what I start as much as possible, but I do change over when I suddenly get something that makes me change my plans. Usually that means putting in a good 3 star pausing a 4 star (that isn´t close to finishing) for a while simply, because the 3 star doesn´t take much time to give me a fully upgraded new option. Then I go back to the 4 star and finish it up.
Sometimes it happens that I in the meantime get something better than what I started and it becomes a question of if I ever go back to the one I paused… So I do have maybe 3 or so heroes that are permanently paused with a few levels on them. But they were not high enough to finish them up quickly (if they were I wouldn´t have paused them in the first place).

So to get to your example: I would say pause Griffin (it will take you longer to finish him, than it will take to do entire Bertulf) and go back to him after you are done with Bertulf. But if you want to finish him first and do Bertulf after I see no problem either, after all both are great and both are worth having, which order you get them in is not a big deal, I personally think do the one that finishes faster first, also because Griffin at 4-1 is already usable (probably better than any 3 star) that way you will soon have 2 heroes for war, while if you do griffin first you only have one hero for war that slowly gets better and better. But you´ll arrive at the finish line (with 2 maxed heroes) at the exact same time anyway…

I also agree with others that in general more 3 stars early on are the way to go, I may be overdoing it a bit, I have 30 3 stars. I started out with the crappy S1 heroes early on and then replaced them with better ones as I got, and still get them, btw the costume chamber just turned garbage Renfeld into awesome Renfeld (so I am pausing my Merlin to quickly upgrade the Renfeld costume). Also fastest way to get 6 good teams to cleanup in wars.
When I get back to Merlin he´ll be the 10th 4 star I have maxed (2 in each colour).
I honestly dread upgrading 5 star heroes (even though I have the mats for some of them together) so I think I´ll keep playing a 3 and 4 star game for as long as that keeps me entertained, I think 4 or 5 of the 4stars in each colour would be nice, before I move on.

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