Leveling Same Troops into each other



When we level same heros into each other thier special skill is improved by 25%.

I just leveled a 3* troop in a same 3* troop and it did nothing but add 200p to it (what ever you call it) points.

There was no improvement on skills at all.

Considering troops use more food and are harder or take more time to get wouldn’t it only be fair that when leveling into ones own these skills be improved as like for the heros?

Not forgeting each Troop also takes far more troops to level as well before each increased score. Makes for extremely expensive troop as it is now.


If feeding same * would improve skills you would have maxed 3* in no time. 4*, well so far I only have one duplicate to feed so wouldn’t make that much of a difference to me but for p2w I guess it would make leveling very fast also for 4*.

I do agree leveling takes a long time and wouldn’t mind if the amount of troops required was lowered.


The amount of time you get duplicate is minimal as it is for heros.

The point here is with heros same into each other increases special skill by 25% as for troops it does nothing at all. Makes no sense.


Makes perfect sense. Leveling heros is different from leveling troops. Troops dont require ascension mats either and max level at 30. Don’t have special skills that go up at random. They have a set perk that goes up at set levels. No need for the % chance of special skill increasing.


How /where do you level troops???


After reaching Stronghold Level 10, one of your buildings can be converted to a Barracks to upgrade your troops.


There is an E&P Wiki which explains much. Tab base then check everything


Thank you very much.


Ok my stronghold isn’t there yet. Thanks