Leveling Priorities - Purples and Tank position

I have 6 Trap Tools and 6 Tabards, and just got Merlin & Sartana this past event. I’m currently leveling Proteus and for sure will get him to 3/60.

My dilemma is, who to give the Trap Tools to? I’d like to use Merlin for Titans etc. but Sartana is my only non-red 5*. Shall I max Proteus first before working on Merlin or Sartana? Merlin first or Sartana?

Proteus 3/25
Merlin 1/1
Sartana 1/1

I haven’t finished the Christmas event yet and I have a fully maxed Hansel and Chao to help out with mana control.

Here are my main boys (mostly red):
Gravy 3/70
G Falcon 4/61
Boldtusk 4/70
Hansel 4/70
Caedmon 4/70
Chao 4/70
Gormek 3/60

My healers:
Rigard 4/70
Sabina 4/70

Defeating Titans and completing the Rare Quests/Challenge Events is what I’m gunning for. If ever I get Wu, Wilbur, or Tarlak, they will be prioritized. I’m also leveling Zimkitty.

I also lack a good tank (Gravy is unmaxed, 2 more rings after Umber!). Shall I level LJ over Gadeirus? I have no good blues unfortunately.
Gadeirus 1/1
Little John 1/1

Here’s my (fairly crappy) roster - Hansel is already maxed:


Thanks for the help and advice!!

Proteus and his mana freeze ability will help you a lot in completing Christmas event imho, so I’d max him asap if I were you. You definitely won’t make a mistake by levelling up Sartana, but it’s very, very long process, 4* heroes are much easier to fully level.


Yeah, I’ve been using him even at his current state (Hansel + Proteus = teh win). The one stage I forgot to include him, Rudolph kept kicking my butt (I forgot to swap out Caedmon for Proteus).

Thanks for the tip, since Falcon is nearly done, I’ll max him asap.

Any tips for a good tank?
Should I level Gadeirus or LJ?

Gades isn’t bad, but I’d say Boldtusk is the best tank you have.

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  1. Level Gormek ASAP. You miss a Ramming Pulverizer, which will make a BIG difference on titans.
  2. Gadeirus is better than LJ for titans.
  3. Considering the resources for Purple: Proteus => Merlin => Sartana. Sartana is hella expensive to level and Proteus/Merlin not only level faster(and cheaper), they are also very good for events.

Tank? Use Boldtusk untill you have the rings for GM. Again, Gormek is #1 prio so as soon as you have dagger lift that one.

In general I’d postpone leveling the 5’s unless you have all the ingredients. Prioritize the four star heroes, who will help you get those difficult 5 star ingredients.

Especially since your four star heroes are fingerlicking good. They will be valuable even when you have a rainbow 5 star team.

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Thanks guys!!

I have just maxed Falcon, and I have 5 blades, so enough to either max Gormek or bring Zimkitty 2/20 to 3rd ascension (I was hoping to put her in the main team and take Rigard out and put in Proteus in his place).

Zimkitty @ 3.60 or Gormek maxed? Darn all reds! I have 11 Warm Capes hehe.

I have 6 Tabards so purple is the only color I can bring a 5* to full ascension, but Proteus’ utility >>>> need for a sniper so Sartana gets the bench for now.

Good stuff, thanks again.

To do:

  • max Proteus (to finish events)
  • max Gormek or level Zimkitty???
  • level Gadeirus

4 star at 4.70 beats a 5 star at 3.70

And for your fives GD gets priority as he’s best in class, so Zim will be on the bench for a long time.

Keep in mind that Cleanse is often a thing you keep ready fully charged to fire at the right moment (for example after Colen/Azar hit). Postponing a heal for the right moment is great. Postponing Zim’s attack is bad… you want to have that damage out ASAP. I argue that cleanse is more suited for a healer than for an attacker.

In your defensive team Rigard is more than fine. I use him in Diamond (I still miss a purple 5 and I do not have a special purple 4) yet I never get beaten back into platinum.

For priority: Titan damage is based on three important ingredients:

  • Wu Kong
  • Shield debuff (easiest avaiable are the Ramming Pulverizers, of which you own Gormek).
  • Elemental Debuff (which you have Falcon, and miss Evelyn, Panther, Jackal and Arthur).

So I reiterate: Gormek needs to be upped A.S.A.P. as he will be the one influencing your titan damage the most (Wu has more impact but you don’t have that one yet). Also, his (or Grimm/Tiburtus) ability will probably be a staple of every Titan team you will field (unless you get Athena/Wilbur).

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Yeah, I use Rigard alot in raids and if I don’t use him I have to time BT’s and Sabina’s heal and other attacks - which is why I wanted Zim’s fast cleanse (rather than her attack which will override BT’s buff). But yeah, good arguments there, looks like I may have to stick with 2 purples for now.

My main attack group is BT + Caed + GM + Rigard + Falcon. I swap out Rigard & Caed w/ Sabina / Proteus / Chao as needed. I was going to pull out BT/Rigard in favor of Zim. It sucks that my other alternatives are both red or purple. Ha!

I almost always include Gormek in titan battles where I have no other maxed 4*, so yeah it definitely makes sense to max him first. I wish I had Grimm :\


Two Tc20 running in tandem will probably yield all pulverizers and Wu Kong in a few months. Takes patience, but they aren’t rare.

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Try a x10 when Ice Elemental is up and hope for the best.

thanks guys!
I already have a second TC at 20 but I use it for 19 (and as flexi 11 or color feeders). I should start the second TC20 asap and upgrade/use the other two as flexi instead.

He already has the tabards, which are the hard part. The last thing you want is to NOT be able to ascend an excellent 5 star hero because you spent the 3* mats on 4 star heroes. There’s a big difference from needing 2 trap tools to max 80 Sartana as opposed to 8.

Take sartana to 70 and wait for 2 more trap tools.

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Yep, that’s my dilemma - I already have enough Tabards to bring a 5* to max.

Anyhew, I had to use the trap tools so I can max Proteus to finish the Christmas event (he’s at 4/41).

In other news, I just got Kageburado, so I’ll hold off leveling Sartana and level Kage instead right after I max Proteus.

Also, I split my trainings to two TC20s and I finally got Sonya from my second TC20 (2nd train!).

I also had some dumb luck Atlantis summons and finally got a Wilbur!!! and another 4* blue -Triton (so not Proteus). My warm capes can finally quit collecting dust!

Also also, I just got Tiburtus from one of my crazy lucky Atlantis pulls. Too bad he isn’t Grimm, but at least that’s 2/3 of the Ramming Pulverizers so far. Now I have a glut of Purples and Reds.

Now I only really need Wu Kong…

Proteus is dark, not ice…fwiw.

sorry, I meant Triton haha
I’m too involved leveling Proteus so I can finish the last 2 Christmas levels

Ok. but you just set yourself back months on having a purple 80. You probably could have beaten the xmas event with battle items and other heroes.

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