Leveling Opinions Requested - step inside

The slant being they would only be used for AW

Would you:

Take your 3/60 Hu Tao to 4th ascension or take a duplicate Chao or Wu Kong there? (I have a 4/70 Chao & Wu)

Would you:

Take a duplicate Melendor or Caedmon to 4th tier? (I have a 4/70 of each)

Would you:

Take a duplicate Sabina, Rigard or Tiburtus to 4th tier (I have a 4/70 of each) or take an Obakan, Domitia or Quintus to 3/70? Can only pick one.

Hoard materials and do nothing.

Relevant info:

5* - Ares, Sartana, Lianna, Perseus, Leo, Elena

I have one of every 4* except Boril and Li Xiu

I have 30 heroes at 3/60 (probably 6 or so) or higher including many 4/70 (~20) and a few 5/80 (5), so I have the full deck of 30 heroes already

I have enough items to do both without impacting an ability to ascend relevant 5* to tier 4

Well, I am doing one of everyone, even though certain duplicates are better, I think it is more fun to have 1 of every 4*. I am keeping my duplicate 5*s for the moment, because I am not sure if I am going to get others soon, but if I do, I might even feed those duplicates to those… :wink:

I used to keep duplicates of the good 4s, but I got so many that I fed all. I might level some duplicate healers if I finished all (but probably won’t, since I will get new 5s to level eventually too).

I think fast heroes and healers are King in Wars.

So I’d do Chao if you want consistency or Wu if you wanna gamble (could make for a big upset). I think they’re both equally above a slow Hu Tao.

For Caed vs Mel, what’s your healer to Dispellers ratio? They both are really good for wars.

Purple I’d do Rigard.

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Technically they all dispel :slight_smile:

Now, if you mean only dispellers with fast mana - I have Just Caed and Sonyia.

For healers - 3/60 and 4/70 of both Sabina and Melendor.

I know that! (But I forgot) :rofl:

How many total healers you have? While I can’t attest to the success rate, I keep hearing people want 2 healers per attack

I do Domitia for purple because she is hot :face_with_monocle:

The rest up to you.

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2nd Chao over Hu tao for sure. Melendor over caed unless you already have 12 healers at 70 or better.

I am all about the hoarding of recruits, finished extra low cost heroes, and ascension materials once you have a decent 4* 4.70 rainbow team, and two decent 4* 3.60 rainbow teams ( total of three heroes of each color, total of fifteen heroes ).

A 4* 4.70 takes 47% the XP of a 5* 4.80 and half the 3* ascension materials. Which is good for resources, a deep bench, Rare Ascension Item Quests and Challenge events.

But any nonfarmable ascension material you use on 4* heroes will not be recoverable for 5* heroes. Any 4* 4.70 hero use to level a later 5* hero loses 90% of the XP invested in it. Or 42.3% of the XP needed to level a 5* 4.80 hero.

Later, creating one 5* 4.80 rainbow team and two 5* 3.70 rainbow teams will take the same 3* ascension items as four rainbow 4* 4.70 teams.

In fact I am more tempted to hoard until the final four 4* heroes are revealed ( reflect red and reflect green events ) and the Devs strategy for past HotM is revealed.

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Hu, Melendor, Rigard. Healers are great for wars.