Leveling one hero at once or leveling multiple heroes equally?

This has been on my mind since I started getting more and more epic and legendary heroes. I have 3-4 heroes of each color that I am so eager to use already but since they’re low level they are not that usefull.
I usually just choose one hero to level up as much as I can. Recently I’ve been feeding Boldtusk delicious red meat like crazy but my 1/1 Azlar keeps looking at me all sad that he’s not getting anything. Same with Melendor - I finally got a Shield to ascend him to last tier so I’ve been feeding him green 1*/2*. But once in a while I give a few heroes to Little John so he doesn’t feel neglected (he’s level 12 now).
I found that method usefull in AW - my last tier heroes who are not fully maxed are powerful already, small leveling of my other “not a main focus right now” heroes gives me a little power boost.

What’s your strategy? Do you focus on only one hero to level them to max or do you level all your heroes equally?

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I tend to level one at a time to do it rapidly until I hit the ascension walls. YMMV


I am ascending several heroes in each colour at same time. I feed my main target with 2* of its colour and I keep 1* heroes until I got 10 to ascend special of next one. For blue right now Kiril 2nd is 23/4, I stop Kiril 3rd at 1/3 with its special fully ascended and I’m ascending Kiril 4th special. Normally I have a main target and only one lower priority target.


I always have at least one hero of each color that needs to be leveled, so I use same color for everyone. It’s more efficient in the long run but it can definitely test your patience. Then again, that’s what this game is all about.

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I like working a high level, maxed special and a lower level still building special of each color.

1*s go to the one that needs special improvement. (Better odds)

2*s go to the one with 8/8 counting farmable item ascensions in advance. (I am at risk of having nobody worth developing in a couple colors; maxed special hero’s may get fed off color a little)

And I especially hoard trainer heroes and extra 3* feeders for the ones at least level 50 to save on the food cost to level them.

(I’m also building a few more 3* heroes just for challenges, thrown into the mix)

But nope, if I get a third/fourth/fifth, they either wait or bump somebody else out of line :blush:


I level 5 colors at once until they reach max special and the chosen lv (even 3.60 or 3.70) and then powerlevel the one I need the most with spare color heroes.

I level all 5 colors at once. I only feed 1* same color to 3* heroes, 4* I’m taking to 3/60, and 5* I’m taking to 2/60. I save the 2* heroes and feed it same color to my heroes who have special maxed at 8/8 already.

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Definitely level at most one hero per color at the same time. At some point your heroes will be at a level they are useable. Splitting the food between multiple heroes of the same color just delays your ability to have any useful heroes out of that crop.

A similar argument can be made that you should really only level 1 4/5* hero at a time, feeding them all color feeders. Pros of this is that you will be able to use that hero while you are growing the rest. Cons are that over time it will cost more feeder heroes overall as you take a 20% penalty in XP when feeding an off-color hero. The other con is it will take longer to max the special ability of your heroes, but this is really pretty much negligible for 4/5* heroes.

I tend to go in crops of 5 heroes at a time, but max them all (or hit ascension wall) before going to the next crop.


Yeah I like the 5 colors at once strategy.

I have one hero of each color that preferably gets fed 10 of its same color once I am able to.

If they have their skill level maxed out to level 8 then I don’t wait for 10 of that color.

I think this is the most efficient way to go.

It feels slower, but I think it works faster in the long run.


I level my heroes one at a time but I feed them whatever I get from farming and training camps. From my personal experience, I haven’t had an issue with getting the skills to max by feeding them everything. For example, Alasie is the latest hero that I am leveling and I have her at level 55 3rd ascension but she is already 8/8 special skill level. I would take her to 4th but I dont have enough scopes.

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I started the game with leveling a rainbow of heroes; matching feeder colours to the appropriate hero.

I found that quite tiresome so up until a couple of months ago I’ve been feeding one hero at a time. Again feeding the hero with the appropriate colour until their special skill has been maxed. I’ve found this to be frustrating, as like you, have had my other 4 or 5 stars looking at me wondering I’m not paying them attention.

Now I’ve changed my mind, yet again, and will go back to levelling the rainbow. Although it can be tiresome it does works out in the long run; especially with AW, Titans & Events.

I reckon it’s a personal choice with what strategy your using your heroes for.

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My philosophy is that a few higer level heroes make more of an impact than a bunch of similarly leveled heroes. Bring up your first team one at a time using every color feeder (presumably these are 4* heroes) until you hit ascension material limits. After you have a solid “maxed” team, then go back to doing whatever.

Personally, I ‘m focusing on one hero at a time, but have been leveling them in chunks of 20 to 30 levels, then moving to the next one. Still feeding every feeder to whoever I’m leveling, tho, regardless of color.

Of course it is a personal preference, but I beieve a general rule to max performance would be:

If the hero is an upgrade to your main team and you have all required ascension materials: level him asap.
Otherwise, level multiple heroes for versatility.


Bonus for my post.
Once I had a solid base team I started my rainbow training in that way:

  • 1* heroes
    • 10 at once to same color heroes
      • Until skill level will be = 8 - “wanted” Ascensions left
  • 2* heroes
    • Mixing with 1* heroes to almost gain a lv and then 10 at once to same color heroes
      • On maxed skill heroes only
  • 3* heroes
    • If required to max my event’s dream team: I feed him 4 clones at once
    • If not required: I use them to train high level same color heroes along with 2* fodders
  • 4* heroes
    • I have yet to use a 4* hero as fodder but when I’ll do it it’ll be one of my 6 Little John

When I end same color heroes who need to gain level I use that color to train the one I need maxed first.


I do not agree! As boring or slow it is right to choose based on our personal style of play!
Is it good now?


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