Leveling heros

What is the best strategy to this? Some are used different but I have a bunch I need to level for various reasons.

I have been working on BT and almost have him on ascension 3. Have the stuff when he gets to 50.

After him I am not sure. Is it smart to level up evenly across the board if possible? I really am in no hurry as keeping the game entertaining along the way is nice. Just want to be able to help my alliance along the way.

Here is my team below. My blue heros do need some work. My purple got considerably better this weekend with a pull of Rigard and Obakan.

Pouring everything into 1 hero at a time seems to work best for me. Once i get a hero as far as i can, i move onto the next. You’re goal right now if seeking balance would be to have 1 hero of each color to at least 3rd tier lvl 60(if 4*) or 2nd tier lvl 60(if 5*). I usually do my 4* first since they are cheaper on resources and i can level them up a lot faster. Gives me more options for team building while I work on my 5*. Since you arleady started joon and nat, i would go ahead and level joon as far as you can, then nat, then start on 4*. I would finish out mel, tib, boril in that order. Then boldtusk, hu tao, caedmon, rigard, gunnar in that order. Then li xiu, falcon, skittleskull, karil, obaken. That’s just me tho. Not sayin it’s the right way, everyone is different. I’m sure there will be responses sayin I’m nuts soon lol. I also use 2 training camps at tc 11 and 1 at color specific training unless i run out of swords and backpacks then it’s a tc 11 as well until i stock back up to do color training. Seems to be fastest way for me. I took falcon from lvl 1 tier 1 to tier 3 lvl 60 in roughly 36 hours. But i also farm 8-7 which is now hated for some reason but still works for me and it gives me random heros from farming plus i get daily summons from chests as well. So 48+ heros just from training and then randomly acquired ones from farming/summons, next thing i know falcon is done and I’m starting on my 2nd gormek now for wars.

Thanks, that seems fastest. Just pick one and go for it.

I think after I get BT to ascension 3 I will start on another. I’d like to balance it out a bit.

My personal preferences:

  1. I do level up 1 hero of each color at the same time. That allows me to feed the same color for each hero maximizing the benefits
  2. When the special attack is not maxed, I wait until I have 10 of that color to maximize my chances of the special attack increasing. Once it’s at 8 (or high enough for the remaining ascensions to get it to 8), I’ll feed that color as often as I get heros for it
  3. I’ll typically keep my training camps working on either level 2 or 11 depending on the amount of backpacks I have. I’ll switch to a color specific summon if I’m close to finishing a hero
  4. I’d highly suggest getting an entire 4 star team leveled before starting on any 5 stars. For example, for red, I’d switch to Boldtusk over Natalya. Typically, a 4-70 4star is stronger than a 3-70 5 star and it’s quicker to level them up to that.
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Thanks for your input Joe.

I was thinking of putting BT in for Nat when I moved him up some. Would probably replace Mel with Caed when I am there as well.

My purple just got stronger so that threw a wrench in everything and I am hoping to up my blue soon as well. I hate facing Gunnar in raids but not sure how good he is unless you can keep him alive.

I have a couple TCs at 11 and 1 for specific colors.

Given what you have, I’d suggest maxing out your starting 5 of Boril, Hu Tao, Melendor, BoldTusk and Tiburtus. The areas you could improve are blue and yellow (Wu Kong with that lineup would be deadly), but stick with what you already have at a high level. This will allow you to complete intermediate and advanced events as well as increase your level in raids. Once those 5 are maxed then start worrying who your backups will be or which 4/5 stars you’ll be able to replace them with.

Ok, Everyone has their own favorite method for training their heroes. I’ve trained a ton of them and here is what I’ve come up with that works best for me. I have heroes to use, so I am in no hurry. I am impatient, but really am in no hurry.

One point that I’d like to make starting out is that using a hero of the same element gives more experience toward training. For example. Training a 5* hero with a 1* trainer at Level 1-1 same element gives 180 exp. Using the same 1* to train a 5* of a different element gives only 150 exp. With this being the case, I Rarely ever use a hero of a different element to train a hero. About the only exception is when I am very close to the max and I just want to get to an ascension or finish off maxing a hero.

I train one hero in each element all the time. That’s 5 heroes at a time. I used to only feed 10 heroes at a time to maximize the chance of raising the power, but that got frustrating as I could only train infrequently depending on how often I gathered heroes of a certain element. I used to play a game called Risk and that game used a 6 sided die–several of them actually. Rolling a 6 was boss. I was really good at rolling 6’s. It wasn’t that hard. So, I adopted the method of feeding my heroes just enough feeder heroes to get to 16-18% chance (16.667% is the chance of rolling a 6 on a 6-sided die) of raising the power.

After I started doing that, it was rare for me to get to the third tier on a 4* or half way through the second tier on a 5* with less than a 8/8 power. That is what I recommend doing when training heroes. You can call it the Die method, the Craps method or the Otto method. Whatever you want. It seems to always work for me.


I’m gonna call it the Otto’s Risk Method (I loved that game!) :grin:

(I just throw everything at the card and it usually works. NOT on 3*…those are delicate little flowers that must be tended with care. 4/5*, chuck it all, in any order. I’ve skilled up as low as 2%, though usually somewhere between 18-22%.)

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Thanks for the input guys. I have had mixed results hence the new is more than fitting!

Otto’s risk method it is!!

I have achieved immortality!


so far we got a 3rd ascension BT, 2nd ascension Caed, 2nd ascension Obakan, A started Kiril (just pulled), and started a bit on Guardian Falcon.

Otto’s risk method is proving its worth.

However comma if these backpacks came in bunches I’d be happier. Been farming between 5-8, and 17-1 mainly. Works good for a little while and gives me some feeders along the way.

Thanks again Otto!!

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An advanced technique when you have many heroes to train:

Stop using 1* feeders on high-tier heroes, and shift those down to start your next project of that color. For 4* heroes, shift over around 4-40. For 5*, shift from about 3-50 to 3-70, then again around 4-30. The ham cost is fixed per feeder, and goes up with level, so these 1* feeders cost a lot of food for a relatively small effect.

For example, I recently finished Cabin Boy Peters. When he got to 4-40, I started using all the green 1* on Zeline. Now that Peters is done, Zeline gets all the green feeders for a while, but her special is already in great shape.


That makes a ton of sense and would get things done quicker. Now if I could have a storm of backpacks rain over my head we would be in business.


PS: One day I will get one of these epic 5 stars (I have joon, Natalya, and Obakan)

Farm 5-8. Far and away best level for backpacks.


been doing 5-8 and 17-1 quite often. Pretty much where I sat all day haha.